I Won’t Forget Sarah Marshall


I know it’s only spring and the summer movie season doesn’t really begin until…well…this weekend with “Iron Man”. But I can argue that it really began a couple of weeks ago with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Although it has a forgettable title (I keep wanting to call it Saving Sarah Silverman…I don’t know why), this movie could be the summer comedy hit that never was (released in the summer, that is).

Unlike so much of the garbage that is scheduled to come out this summer (ie: “Made Of Honor” opening this weekend), this was a perfect date movie (of course I went alone). A really good lead character that you totally sympathize with, 2 really good-looking female leads, lots of talented sub-characters that popped up throughout the movie to keep it moving, and a sweet love story that got better with time.

Obviously I totally enjoyed this movie and I have to say that Judd Apatow has got some kind of streak going! With “Knocked Up” and “Superbad”, he had a couple of movies that were out of the park home runs! This one continues the trend! He didn’t direct this one though…it was his production company that produced it but I’m sure he had some say in it. The guy who wrote it is the guy who plays the lead character, so obviously this role fits him well! I don’t want to give anything away, but the guy doesn’t mind using physical humor to get a laugh. And when I say physical humor, I don’t mean the tripping over banana peels kind. I’m talking naked all over the place kind.

But don’t let the full-frontal guy nudity scare ya. The girls get some action too. And everything is perfectly in tune to everything Apatow does. Great movie and a lot of fun! I give it an A! 4 stars! 2 thumbs up! And whatever else everybody is doing these days!


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