Iron Man

It’s the first official blockbuster of the summer season, and it’s based upon a supercool superhero from Marvel comics. It stars Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges, so it definately has star power. It’s got a running time of 2 hours. It’s…well…it’s the first in what will probably be a series. So what does that tell you?

There’s a lot of setup involved in this one.

Just like all of the other superhero movies, you need to know how they became the hero that they are. So the first hour is all about that. Then you get some action. And then you get a villain. And then you get the setup for the next movie. Iron Man is no different. Except for one thing…Robert Downey Jr.

This guy IS Tony Stark. He was made to play this role and is cast perfectly. He is believable because much of his regular life is like Starks’. He’s a playboy with millions, he gets all the girls and is known worldwide. He’s got a quick wit, a huge ego and a lot of talent to spare. If that doesn’t peg Downey Jr. then I don’t know what does! He was born to play this role and he succeeds extraordinarily!

But the rest of the cast, as previously stated, is just as talented, and how Marvel managed to recruit not just one Oscar winner (Paltrow), but 3 others who have been nominated for Oscars is beyond me. And to star in a superhero action movie! That is definately an amazing achievement on Marvels’ part. I don’t know how much each of them made off this movie, but it’s gotta be a huge payday!

Anyway, the movie is pretty cool. Watching Downey get used to his supersuit is the best part. A couple of actions scenes (there are really only 3) are pretty understated. Overall I felt like they didn’t pack as much action into it as they could have, but I imagine the next one is gonna be a monster of all action films!

So my review of Iron Man goes like this: Good film, the setup is over. Next time, it better rock from the beginning to the end ’cause this one has got all kinds of potential! No more Fantastic Fours! I want more Batmans!

I give it a strong B…with a lot going for the sequal!  


6 thoughts on “Iron Man

  1. I would say that I heard the announcement on Digg Nation about this movie Iron man,And everyone was making a big deal out of this movie.But I was not impress with this movie.For me it was something that I left on for a couple of minutes lets just say I didnt even finish it.I would rate this move 3/10 not very good.But that is just my opinion.

  2. Have to say the Iron Man was the ONLY sci-fi your dad has taken me to that I thought was ok. It is conceivable in this day-and-age that they could make a defensive body suit. People growing out of trees, rocks,etc., no way. I hope he grows up some day (your dad). But I agree with you, this was just a start-up. I will probably hate the sequel. The crystal he inserts to keep the metal away from his heart will probably give him totally unblievable super powers. Stick his finger in the air and zap someone off the Empire State Building or some stupid thing like that. Oh, well, I will probably sleep through it just for the popcorn…….love

  3. PS: who is the ex-Friends star? Just read mylesfromnowhere(?) review and I have seen all the Friends sitcoms. Of course, I just know their stage names, so tell me the stage name of the ex-Friends star………….love

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