What Happens In Vegas…

…should stay in Vegas.

Oh…that was too easy. But unfortunately true in this little love/hate romance. I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer for it, and the first half of the movie is kinda funny. But about midway, it grinds to a halt and the romantic stuff starts to happen and the wheels fall off.

Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz are actually a pretty good pairing for this movie. Both are likeable and attractive. You can see how this kind of situation might happen. And the little bickering they do early in the film is very funny stuff! But it’s really the supporting characters that are the gift in this flick. With Rob Corddry as Kutcher’s best friend, and Lake Bell as Diaz’s, the hate connection that goes on between these two carries the movie into the credits! I can’t wait until Corddry gets his own movie because he deserves it!

Anyway, it’s a cute movie, nothing to write home about…so I won’t. You want a good date movie? Go see “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. It’s by far the better movie out there right now for an after-dinner night out.

My grade? C-. Wait for it on video and then rent it.


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