Kung Foo Panda Kicks Butt!

Gimme a cookie or I drop the…what IS this thing anyways?

I took the kids and their friends to see “Kung Foo Panda” yesterday. I love the fact that my kids love movies as much as I do and I always volunteer to take them to see the latest animated ones. I wasn’t really looking forward to it as much as say “Wall-E” which comes out this Friday, but it looked cute and all the kids wanted to see it so…pile ’em in and let’s go to the old grindhouse, eh?!

So the skinny on “Panda” is this…Panda is fat and voiced by Jack Black (underused in my opinion…but he is just VOICING the character. So what more can one guy do?). He loves the Kung Foo! But he works at his Dad’s restaurant and has absolutely no life whatsoever. When the word comes that the Grand Master is going to announce a new Kung Foo Master, everyone wants to see! Who will it be? Of course, it is Panda who is selected and that sets off a chain if funny moments. Of course, a bad guy is set loose and it’s up to Panda and a ninja group called the Furious 5 to save the valley!

Breaking it down, this movie has some really cool scenes and the animation looks great by today’s standards. All of the characters have good roles in the movie and are voiced by Hollywood greats (Angelina Jolie? Dustin Hoffman?). I haven’t figured out the appeal of having the high-priced talent doing the voices for animated characters yet. What is up with that? Why not save a few bucks and get Joe Blow to do it? Whatever…it never distracts me…but I am just wondering…

So overall, I give “Kung Foo Panda” a B+. I laughed a lot. I enjoyed the animation. I thought the story was tight and it moved along well enough to keep the two 6-year old boys entertained (the two 3-year old girls were a totally different story). Not bad Dreamworks! I know we’ll end up getting this one on DVD…and I’m sure I’ll watch it many times before it gets worn out!

3 thoughts on “Kung Foo Panda Kicks Butt!

  1. I was pleasantly suprised by this one too. I’m not really that enthused to see Wall-E. I’m not sure how the “not much real talking” thing will go over with my crew.

  2. I took my kids to see this on its opening weekend. (My kids love movies too. Jamison can usually give you exact opening dates for any movies he wants to see. I LOVE that.)

    I agree that this was a nice movie. I love Jack Black and he did a great job with this character. The other voices were also awesome. It had some fantastic lines in it – which is also a bonus. Of course, now Jamison is running around the house performing Kung Fu on all the invisible bad guys, but that’s okay.

  3. I totally meant for Horton Hears a Hoo to be my girl’s first trip to the movies, but I missed that chance, so I’m thinking she needs to see this one. It looks cute!

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