I “Wanted” A Good Time…I Got It

The paparazzi didn’t stand a chance…

Question…did you like “The Matrix”? Did you have fun watching the manic editing in “Man On Fire”? How about the “Transporter” movies? Like them? “Fast And The Furious”? “Shoot Em Up”? “Kill Bill” or “Sin City”? If you enjoyed any of these, you are gonna LOVE this flick!

Let’s get this out of the way right out of the gate…Angelina Jolie is really HOT. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10…she’s a 12. Seriously, she’s really, really good-looking. Oh yeah…and if you mess with her in this movie? She’ll kick your ass halfway to Monday. I don’t know what that means, but I know if it was her giving the ass-kicking, I’d take it like a man and ask for more! She is so HOT in this movie and she has…maybe 5 lines in the whole thing. I can see that she’s just kind of skating by by taking a role like this, making some extra money to pay for her 18 kids or whatever, but it doesn’t matter…’cause she’s HOT and that’s all that matters.

Okay…that’s done. So the general plot is this. Jolie is “Fox”, one of many in an undercover group of assasins known as the Fraternity. Led by Morgan Freeman, who I could watch eat his breakfast and probably give it a good review, this group of killers recruit a cubicle jockey named Wesley who’s father was one of the best assassins in the world. That is, until he was offed by another assassin who turned against The Fraternity and is killing them off one by one. So Wesley has all the natural ability of his father which includes being able to shoot the wings off flys, make cars fly through the air and make bullets curb around obstacles. It’s all very “Matrix” like and very cool.

Needless to say, Wesley goes through an initiation process, gets the crap beat out of him constantly, and then once he has passed the testing, he is all ready to get his first “kill” from…a giant weaving machine? Yes…it’s true. The Fraternity believe that fate tells them who to kill throught the strands of woven cloth. It’s hokey…but go with it because Morgan Freeman is the guy explaining all this and he makes it work.

So anyways, Wesley goes on to chase after the guy who killed his father and Fox helps him. There are several really freakin’ cool action scenes, especially one on a train that is possibly one of the most intense scenes on a train EVER! There’s some twists and turns in the plot, a whole lot of shooting and lots of action.

I really had fun watching this movie! It is what summer is all about! Just like “The Incredible Hulk”, “Wanted” is based on a comic book and the action transfers to screen flawlessly. The really big selling point in this movie is James McAvoy. Unlike the shiny Shia LaBouf in “Indiana Jones”, McAvoy gives this movie a realistic feel. The veins in his head bulge out when he’s stressed. He shows emotion over killng for the first time. The guy has got great range and I can’t wait to see him in another action flick! He was perfect for this role…and that is really the great thing about “Wanted”…they got all the roles exactly right. McAvoy, Freeman, Jolie and the rest of the cast is the top notch and each one fits the bill to a tee.

Overall Rating: A (If you like this kind of movie…and I do!).

You gonna go see it? Or do I have to stare at you some more…

5 thoughts on “I “Wanted” A Good Time…I Got It

  1. So did you guys watch two movies back-to-back or what? I figured you and frank were headed to a show because when he came to my house to pick up the nail gun he was like “I can’t talk! I’m blocking traffic!” Yeah, traffic. On my street. At 10 pm. Yup.

    We saw The Happening on Thursday and Wanted at a midnight showing last night. Going to take your kids and mine to see “Wall-E” this afternoon (if they behave. Having some problems with that right now)! 3 movies in 3 days! Yahoo!

  2. After The Happening, anything we watched would have seemed like IMDB’s #1 or #3 film of all time. I had a blast and yes, Angelina is smokin hot, like crazy sunburn in hell hot. ONLY WOMAN IN AMERICA THAT LOOKS GOOD WITH TATTOOS.

    Well…my wife has a tattoo…so I can’t say she’s the ONLY woman who looks good with them.

  3. Yay! I was hoping this would be good .. I really want to see it.

    And hell yes Angelina Jolie is hot. I’d even do her I think. If I were drunk enough.

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