WALL-E’s World

Oh what a world we live in. We’ve trashed it. Literally. And trash has gotten so out of control that it’s as tall as buildings. So what should we do?

Pack it up folks! We’re getting out of here!

That is the beginning of this little Pixar gem. And what do we leave behind? Robots. Little ones. And their job is to clean it all up while we’re gone and then we’ll come back and start from scratch. Typical humans.

So enter WALL-E. He’s a little robot with nothing to do but his job. For 700 years. With no friends but a roach and a little plant. WALL-E is so unbelievably cute. He’s like a cross between E.T. and the robot from the movie “Short Circuit” from back in the 80’s. He’s got a decked out condo and loves showtunes! But he longs for the hand of a woman and there are none to be found.

Until one day when a rocket lands and drops off Eve. Eve is like a aerodynamic Mac. Sleek, white and all womanly. All little WALL-E wants out of his measly little life is to hold Eva’s hand. And she strings him along throughout the movie, just biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment. Ah yes…true love.

There’s a lot of messages in “WALL-E”. Most deal with how we are treating the planet. Another deals with our lazy nature. Yet another deals with true love. So on and so forth. But does it hold up as a movie? Yep…and there’s no better company to pull it off than Pixar, who has definately upended every other film company in the animation department. Oh how I love the Pixar! They ROCK!

I don’t want to give anything away but it’s not really a hard story to follow(WALL-E’s plant is at the center of it). So I’ll give you the positive and the negatives…

The Positives: This movie is BEAUTIFUL to look at. At times you can’t tell if you are watching animation or real life! On earth, the barren terrain is so realistic that it could have been shot on in the Sahara! In outer space, the stars twinkle brilliantly and there are a few scenes that were so amazing I didn’t want to blink!

WALL-E is an amazing little creature. All whirring and bleeps, he’s like R2-D2 on hyperdrive. But he moves with such purpose and he has such character that you forget that he doesn’t talk and just love him for what he is…a hero with a big heart! Eve has a little more wiggle room. She has eyes that emit emotion, and also a little more vocal talent, so she is a little easier to follow.

The Negatives: it’s a little long. Our showtime was 2:45pm. The theatre we were in showed 18 minutes of previews and commercials (Pink Panther 2? Really?) and the movie itself was 97 minutes long! So my 3 year old was all ready to go probably about 60 minutes in. And that brings up another issue…how do you sell this movie to kids when none of the characters talk? Very difficult proposition! So Pixar has that going against it also.

Overall I LOVED this movie! I think it fits in perfectly with the other Pixar classics and will be one of the highlights of this summer! But be aware for those of you with very young children…they might not get it. But you will!

Overall Rating: A+. Go see it on a really big screen and enjoy!  🙂


4 thoughts on “WALL-E’s World

  1. This is one of the best movies of the year !
    Right up there with “Iron Man” ! Funny…
    Metal heroes seem to really be in vogue
    this summer ! Cool trivia fact: The same
    guy that brought us R2-D2’s blips and bleeps
    (sound designer Ben Burtt) gives us Wall-E’s
    “voice” !

    Interesting fact! And it kinda makes sense…

  2. I watched this at the cinema yesterday, its a great movie, the kids loved it.

    That’s great that the kids loved it! My kids got a little bored towards the end, but overall it is one of the best movies of the year so far! I definately enjoyed it!

  3. I’m welcoming myself to this now favorite movie review website. Oh what fun here- the reviews are as good as the movies.
    Love the photos with captions.

    Wall-e was one of my favorites this summer and saw it a second time with my husband who missed it the first time. That’s when I realized the only drawback that you mentioned here: it was a bit too long and some of the scenes ( the extended chase through the mother ship Axiom , what is it with chase scenes in movies ) could have been truncated to move it along.
    But- it was one of the most wonderful message movies without being preachy, pedantic or pedestrian.
    The subtle mentions were so good- the “G” clef opening note, so familiar to mac users, the throwing away of the diamond and retaining of it’s velvet box.
    And Wall-e s’ poignant expressions on his robotic face- not sentimental, just pure hopeful.

    Do you have an index of the movies you’ve reviewed- or an archive to look them up under? I’ll be checking here, really like what you do.
    My two cents and another $12.48 will buy someone a movie ticket!

    Wow! What a compliment! Both my brother and I appreciate your business! LOL We don’t have an archive, per se. Seeing as how we just started this site this week, I’m actually trying to figure out how I can organize it a little better…but work and kids keep getting in the way! 🙂 I’m hoping that I can figure out maybe a way to organize them alphabetically. Or seperate them so you can see one “critic” at a time. I dunno…any suggestions are appreciated! Feel free to voice your opinion any time! -Alan

  4. You are doing an excellent job. Alphabetizing is a great idea and a good way to get from, well, point A to point B….. and quickly.
    Love the top 50 also.

    Once I find reviews that express my same observations, I feel like I’ve found a trusted editor.
    This is a great source for rentals too, since our one local theatre is a source for pretty much teen/testosterone/gangsta movies!
    I’m on St. Croix ( US Virgin Islands ). No theatre choices here but for those days that I walk into Blockbuster seeking video salve, and go blank, your lists are perfect.
    Love the good humor you dish out with your captions under the photos!!

    Just so you know…my brother is going for quantity (because he watches many movies a week. I will be shooting for quality because I don’t get to watch as many and willprobably stick with newer films and movies that I enjoy, such as my Top 50 list! So be on the lookout!

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