The Godfather

Hang on…where are my peanuts?

Yeah, yeah…I know. It’s an American classic! Everyone loves it…so should you! So for days my brother gave me crap about not having ever seen “The Godfather”. So I took it like a man. I took the abuse and the disbelieving stares and the head shakes.

 “How could he NOT watch The Godfather? The shame!”

Well, I watched a little over 2 hours of it the other night and I’m here to tell ya…you can definately tell that its a flick from the 70’s. 1972 to be exact…and it has definately been dated. Did I wait too long to see it? Apparently, because I found it to be somewhat uninteresting. I had to pull the plug a little before 12:30am. I managed to make it to where Al Pacino faces his long, lost love Diane Keaton after being forced to leave the country for his own protection. He has returned and he wants her hand in marriage. Nevermind that a woman he just married in Sicily was just killed in a car bombing.

The problem I had with this scene is that it totally negates 40 minutes of him wooing his first wife. He sees her. They fall in love. She dies. And then he magically is transported back to New York, one year later, having never bothered to try to get in touch with Diane Keaton (who is dead awful in this movie, by the way) and then he asks her to marry him? Blah. What was the point of Pacino in Sicily? It added nothing to the movie at all…it just extended the running time of the film.

So look…I will admit, Pacino is good. Brando is good (when I can understand him. 95% of the time he’s mumbling so quietly that I assume he has a mouth full of peanuts or something. Oh yeah…and scratching your face is NOT acting…I don’t care how many Oscars ya got). Seriously, Robert Duvall is the best part about this film and I didn’t even know he was in it! Oh…and Abe Vigoda! Nobody told me “Fish” was in this flick!

Against it? James Caan is terrible. Talia Shire is as bad as she was in “Rocky”. And the soundtrack was gettin’ a little annoying. The first half of the movie took it’s good old time getting moving and the editing was typical 70’s. I could go through a list of films that I find to be more entertaining than this one, but I won’t. The Godfather is definately a good film. I can imagine it was a “must see” back then, but now it’s not so much. I doubt I’ll finish it…but I hear the 2nd one is better than the first. So maybe I’ll try to give it a go. But for the record, I think it’s kinda overrated. So I’m gonna put this one up there with “The Graduate” in the “I don’t like it but everyone else does” category. Nothing wrong with that. Actually I think having that category is good for film viewers. Otherwise, what else would we have to argue about? 

So…now will you…Be my friend, Frank?

7 thoughts on “The Godfather

  1. I can’t believe you waited 36 frickin’ years to see the damn movie. OF COURSE you would critique the editing, the soundtrack, the acting. Sigh…it was the early 70s for cripe’s sake…give it a break!! It is a classic! Fine, fine….

    DAMN! Have you been talking to my wife…’cause you kinda sound just like her!

  2. James Caan was great! The Godfather is a wonderful movie but I don’t think today’s audience would like it because its pretty slow and more of a dialogue film. Did you like Scarface with Al Pacino?

    I disagree with you on James Caan’s performance. It just seemed so over the top and hammy to me. And I loved Pacino in Scarface. I would take Scarface over The Godfather any day!

  3. You waited too long to see it. I read the book first, and thought the movie did justice. However, that being said, when we watched the series on t.v., I thought, boy this is boring. So, yes, the Godfather is so 70’s. But so is c3p0, chewbacca, etc. you get the picture!! If it doesn’t have artificial graphics, and outlandish action, it isn’t worth seeing, according to you, Mandy and Frank. Give me a Bruce Willis any day, and I’ll go see it.

    Uh…Bruce Willis isn’t outlandish action? LOL

  4. Wait just a minute there mom! You won’t catch any of the three of us lining up for a film based on it having “artificial graphics.” And I personally like to have some good character development and a bit of tongue-in-cheek dialogue to go with my outlandish action, thank you very much!

    Thanks for the review on the godfather Alan. Now that I know I’m not really missing out, I can stop feeling bad about never seeing it too.

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