Indiana Jones And The Something Something Of The Skulls…Or Something

Oh…I’ll give the wig back when I’m good and ready…

I wanted to like this film…I really, really did. I mean, it’s got the biggest names in the movie business behind it (Spielberg & Lucas), it’s got an action star (Harrison Ford), it’s got that undeniable marketing. But I didn’t like it. And here is why…

Too much CGI. When giant ants attack, I got the feeling I was back in the “King Kong” remake…which really kinda sucked. I’m almost to the point now where if a movie uses CGI in any way I deduct points. I don’t care how good it is (“The Incredible Hulk” was DECENT CGI…”I Am Legend” was TERRIBLE CGI), it is distracting when overdone. The ant scene didn’t even need to be in this movie. So why bother with it?

Bad writing. The writing in this film was horrendous. I don’t remember if the first 3 Indy flicks were this campy, but this script was just not good.

Too much Shia LeBouf & Karen Allen. No offense to the younger set, but Shia is NOT the second coming of Harrison Ford. He may be talented (I did like him in “Transformers”), but he doesn’t have the acting chops of say a James McAvoy. And Karen Allen hasn’t been in movies for years…and you can tell. She sure is rusty in this one!

Aliens. I’m sorry…but with all of the biblical myths and legends out there, aliens was the best you could come up with? C’MON Lucas! Get with the program!

And finally…Cate Blanchett’s wig. It just looks silly. For all of the dominatrix talk before the movie came out, it just looked like she stole that wig from Uma Thurman off the set of “Pulp Fiction”. And for once I didn’t think Cate did a very good job with the character. Of course, even she might have known that this was gonna be a dud and made it as campy as she could. Who knows?

So Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (what the heck is up with THIS title??? They couldn’t come up with ANYTHING better than THAT???) isn’t very good. However I know people who did like it and that kind of surprises me! But everyone has their own tastes. Mine just happens to be for better movies than this one…

Overall Rating: D for dud.

Seriously Cate…can I have my wig back now?


One thought on “Indiana Jones And The Something Something Of The Skulls…Or Something

  1. OK so i waited and waited and waited on this movie to come out, i was so excited, it was all i kept talking about, IT SUCKED did! A lot! No matter what Mandy thinks! LOL

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