The Darkest Knight


 Expectations for “The Dark Knight” were very, very high. The buzz from a building franchise about it’s second chapter, the ever evolving bat accessories and gadgets, and of course, the late Heath Ledger. Ledger shined brighter than any of the previously mentioned additions – so well, he may take away from the picture as a whole. His Joker is dark, comedic and brilliantly psychotic (But still not Oscar worthy). No lust for money, women or power; Just the need to create chaos and bring the worst out of ordinary people. Batman is Batman, albeit with a following of husky wannabees. Christian Bale is great for the role, but still….why does Batman have to lower his voice to mimic Dirty Harry in every movie? The storyline is a typical struggle of the hero tale taken to new heights via CGI and lots of real explosions. Several action sequences made me sit back and whisper ‘WOW’, which anymore is impressive considering what we all have come to expect. OK, down to the skinny, Ledger gets a solid A, the first viewing of the film lands it an B+. As a whole I felt that it was just too long (2 hours and 30 minutes) to tell the story it did. All of the villains were spread too thin with screen time, I want to see more of what the bad guy is cooking…not just how Batman reacts to it. Thank God the love triangle thing was held in check…and wisely, the Joker had no part in it. The need to see this film a second time is promising for a grade revision and monstrous box office totals.


7 thoughts on “The Darkest Knight

  1. I loved this movie… However, the
    next one will have to “lighten up”
    just a little bit to avoid the “been
    there-done that” vibe. I’m thinking
    Catwoman would be the logical choice,
    taking the film in yet another direction.

    Speaking of another direction… I
    really like the new page, and shall
    be back often !!!

    Thanks Man! I consider it high praise coming from you! I’m thinking Catwoman would be a step in the wrong direction for the next one. I would love to see a new version of The Riddler…but I dunno how they would do it… -Alan

  2. Okay, I am fully prepared to be completely torn apart by my brothers, so here we go:
    I liked Ironman better. I liked the Hulk better. There, I said it!

    Heath’s Joker was fantastic, Harvey Dent was great, the Batman…well, he was Batman. I enjoyed seeing Joker bring out the worst in the Bat, and it was a great movie and the performances were solid, yada yada. But I only liked it, I didn’t love it. Maybe it’s because the Marvel movies had me begging for more as I left the theater, and this one had me depressed because the best part (Joker) was done forever. Maybe it’s because I love Robert and Ed, but only like Christian. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching movies with my kids for so long that I only like movies that appeal to kids. Or maybe I just like Marvel better than DC (nothin’ wrong with that!)

    Okay, let the verbal beatdown commence.

  3. I liked Ironman, too. Went to see Hancock yesterday noon, and dad said never again!! He can’t stand the digital enhancements in movies. He said “I traded the Black Knight for this???” He is the one who said he wasn’t going to see the Black Knight, and ended up seeing fantasy anyway!! Like I said before, give me a Bruce Willis anytime!!!!

    Told ya. Always listen to me! -Alan

  4. Not Oscar worthy? Yet you call his performance dark, comedic and brilliantly psychotic? What qualifies for an Oscar then? Dark, comedic, brilliantly psychotic AND ???

    Give the man some due! His performance was amazing. And he will probably win the Oscar!

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