Cleaner is one of those movies you see while wandering through Blockbuster and wonder why you have never heard of it? All these great stars, Sam jackson, Ed Harris, Louis Guzman – all decent actors. But still, you have know clue about this film. Never saw any ads at the theatre, no posters or commercials on TV. Let me tell you why…..

Sam Jackson is a skilled actor who will be in any movie. Doesn’t matter the content or size of role, he has never said no. He has lent his body or voice to 115 productions of all calibers. The Cleaner is one of the small caliber films. He plays a former detective, now bio hazard cleaner (cleans up blood from murders, dead cats…you get the idea, he didn’t go to college) who cleans up after a murder….that didn’t exist!!! Within 2 minutes of Ed Harris coming on screen you will guess the entire plot with all of it’s weak angles and supposive twists. Let’s see if you can guess the plot!! Ed Harris is Sam’s former partner that still works in the department that ordered the cleanup…and it’s Ed’s girlfriends husband that got killed!!! Who dunnit?!? Go!!!



I was going to tell you the answer but instead, leave a comment and tell me who..that’s much more fun, at least more fun than the movie was. D+

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