Just keep on drivin’…

Leatherheads is a sports movie that doesn’t really have any sports sequences in it, there’s a letter grade. George Clooney plays an old beat up pro football player trying to legitimize the game that he loves in order to keep from going legit himself. His plan is to incorporate John Krasinski, a heralded war hero and college football star, onto his team and thus boost attendance. His plan is being foiled by Renee Zellweger, a snappy journalist who is set to uncover Krasinskis’ real war record. 

As lame as this plot is, the compatibility of all three actors is worse. Another letter grade gone. Because everyone who lived in the 1920’s was not only extremely witty, they spoke on top of one another like they knew what was to be said next. My point is there is nothing worse than overly rehearsed dialogue that comes out stale. Gotta deduct points for that. My recommendation is to avoid this movie. If someone asks, you’ve seen it. If you don’t like this person, recommend it. D+


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