Shoot Em’ Up

Editor’s Note: Oh yeah…and Monica Bellucci is in it…and she’s HOT!

Now THIS is an action flick! Clive Owen plays what seems to be an unstoppable force against evil in this one. His character (Smith…easy to remember) is guarding a baby that some gangsters want to kill for political reasons. Well, once the shooting begins it doesn’t cease till the credits roll. This is a good thing because the action sequences were terrific throughout. Paul Giamatti (as the bad guy) handles his role well with his normal growl and gruff. Not at all the piece of garbage I was expecting. B+

One thought on “Shoot Em’ Up

  1. Yeah, I loved this one. It really lived up to its title! Yes, it was a little over the top (I think I can safely say that this was the only time I have ever seen a character doing a gunfight scene and a “love” scene at the same time), but that made it even more fun. Clive Owen was great, and the unique action sequences (carrots!) kept it interesting the whole time.

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