What if we were able to save the planet from nature? This film assumes that humans have developed the power to regenerate the sun, which is dying and adversley cooling the planet to the core. The story isn’t the act of saving the planet, but the trip there and the pressure riding on those who are to save us all. As pressure mounts, science fiction kicks in – bringing us to a new level of odd similiar to the movie “Sphere” ( I know someone else saw it, but I forget who). The CGI is good and definitely captures your attention with images of a dying sun. B


One thought on “Sunshine

  1. I thought the tension of the crew was great, but the premise of humans being able to regenerate the sun was just a tad bit outside of where I allow my imagination to venture. I rolled my eyes so hard at the ending that I’m suprised they didn’t get stuck pointing backwards into my head.

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