The X-Files: I Wanted To Believe…In A Good Script

This movie is even worse than this picture!

Back in the 90’s, there was really only one show that I can think of that could hold my attention for more than 30 minutes…and that was “The X-Files”. All of the conspiracy theories, all of the horrorific storylines, all of the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully. It was all a sci-fi geek like myself could ever want in a television show! And then it’s time expired. The two stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, apparently grew bored with their characters, and so Chris Carter hung it up. Well…actually it stayed on the air for a few more years with different actors trying to fill the Mulder & Scully shoes. But they failed, and so the X-Files folder was stuck in a drawer somewhere.

Until a movie was made. With a convoluted script about aliens. But with all of the main characters in place and so the first “X-Files” movie, albeit not the best film I’ve ever seen, passed as being an okay addition to the series and, at the time, I thought a good springboard for Carter to take the idea of “The X-Files” and morph it into a movie series and make some serious bank on it. But…he didn’t. And so once again the X-Files was stored in a box in the back of an attic somewhere, waiting for someone to open it.

So apparently Chris Carter had nothing better to do and he wanted to get together with old friends and make another “X-Files” movie…10 years later!  Although this time, it should have been left in that box and left to collect dust. Because I have to tell you…this movie is TERRIBLE.

“Put the lotion in the basket”…is all I could think of because halfway through this movie, it turns out that what is happening isn’t really scary, or “out of this world”, or even remotely interesting. It’s basically a ripoff of the secondary plot of “Silence Of The Lambs”! Carter piles on mindless Mulder/Scully bickering about who believes what and whether Mulder’s sister is really dead (which had absolutely NOTHING to do with this film, however he felt the need to drag THAT old storyline out again!). Throw in some stem cell research, a few animal rights arguments and a whole lot more crappy dialogue, and you have “The X-FIles: I Want To Believe”. Hell…even the title is terrible!

I have no idea what anybody involved with this film was thinking. Surely no one read this script and thought this was a good idea? I mean, this film doesn’t even register when compared to some of the really great writing and plot development of the mid-90’s! It’s absolutely horrible to see what has become of these two characters that I enjoyed watching so much back in the day. It was so terrible, I walked out of it. It’s the first movie I’ve walked out of in a long time. I figure, I paid my $10 to the Chris Carter fund, he isn’t getting anymore of my time.

Which is a real shame, because at one point I would have given up my time and lots more money to see more of what this series had to offer. But apparently it is past its prime. I say we forget all about this and remember “The X-Files” for what it once was…premier entertainment on network television in the 90’s. Because I would hate to think that anyone will see this movie and think that it is what “The X-Files” is all about. Really it’s about cool shit like aliens and mosters and psychopaths and how these two interesting people find a way to solve the cases. It’s not the stuff I witnessed tonight! No way! The stuff I saw tonight is crap. And it’s the worst crap I’ve seen since…well…since “The Happening“.

Overall Rating: F-


One thought on “The X-Files: I Wanted To Believe…In A Good Script

  1. I would not call myself a big X-Files fan, although I have watched a number of episodes and enjoyed the movie. I am just now making my way though the series DVDs…still in season one. Most of the time X-Files has delivered with good suspense, entertainment, and characterization. The X-Files movie I Want to Believe is no exception.

    We get to see the characters at their best, with a storyline and a script that challenges us to think about what we are seeing. The movie was made in the tradition of the best X-Files ‘monster of the week’ episodes, only on a movie level scale with sound and cinematography.

    I have found that most of the negative comments and reviews come from people who wanted more. More special effects. More secrets revealed. More…aliens? I am not sure what they were looking for. But for those who needed more aliens, explosions, and grandier in your movie without the need to think through it, there is a DVD you can find out there cheap. It is called Independence Day.

    Not to be argumentative, but you must be joking. I WOULD call myself an “X-Files Fan”, and this movie is nothing, I repeat, nothing like the series. I was never challenged by anything I saw in this film, and I thought the script was extremely shallow, the acting was wooden and the the camera work was awful (how many close ups of Gillian Anderson looking befuddled do we need in one movie?)! I don’t need special effects to be entertained, I need some kind of plotline that is interested in moving forward, not backwards. All of the alien plotline was pretty much covered in the last flick, so I really just wanted a good time for this one. Give me a creature in the sewer. Give me a family of mutants. Give me something that is mildly entertaining. A modern day Frankenstein is a decent start, but the way the entire story went down was just awful.

    So, yes…I will admit, when “X-Files: I Want To Believe” comes out on DVD, I will be the first to run out and get my copy of “Independence Day”, because at least it was what it was hyped to be…entertainment. The X-Files film was terrible. “Nuff said.

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