The Bank Job

Seriously…my name is NOT Bruce!

Jason Statham is an action star who hasn’t gotten his due. Who is Jason Statham? Well…that’s the problem. No one knows who he is. Ever hear of “The Transporter”? No? Well…he was also in “The Italian Job” and “Snatch”? Still nothing? Well…he’s an action star in a time when action movies have become sort of…well…out of date. Aaaaanyways…you don’t know who this guy is. But if you are into action films…then you know the face. And you know this guy deserves a chance to be the next…uh…Bruce Willis maybe?

So let’s get to a review of the film, shall we? Guess what this movie is about?

A bank heist maybe? YES! There’s a shocker. But the real surprise is that this movie is pretty good! Is it the greatest bank heist movie ever? I don’t really know. But it IS entertaining.

What starts out as a fairly typical bank robbery turns into a mess as a band of friends knock off a London bank. What they don’t know is they are breaking into this bank for the wrong reasons. I’m not gonna give anything away, because if you like this kind of movie, then this is a pretty good one. What I will tell you is this…all of the components of this film are really good. The performances, the script and the locations all work very well. And if you can get over a little bit of dialect issues (everyone has British accents in this one, so be prepared to listen a little closer than usual), then this is a top-notch flick. And Jason Stratham is excellent as the leader of the group. Funny thing is, Stratham is known for his athletic stunts in “The Transporter” movies…but here he doesn’t really flash any of that acrobatic, high kick action stuff. Instead, he gets to act. And surprise, surprise…he does it very well. Maybe its time that the action movie makes a comeback…and let’s let Stratham have his shot at stardom. What do ya say?

If you’re looking for a thinking man’s bank heist flick, then this is a very good rental!

Overall Rating: B-


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