Hellboy 2: the golden army

Hellboy II Nuada & Nuala by AshDigitalis.

I love you, You love me…….

My expectations for this sequel were low, due to the little to no hype Dark Horse Entertainment put out for it’s release. Those expectations were just due to the stories meritocracy and serious lack of action sequences, which is why you go see a movie called “Hellboy”. Sure, there were some action scenes and there was some good one liners…but that alone does not make a good movie.

Where this sequel went wrong starts with the introduction of a new team leader, a German made of smoke(?), that unless you were an avid reader of Hellboy you were lost in his background. Next was the crazy amount of attempts at romance. My brother gives more detail to who loves who, but trust me, everybody loves everybody in this movie. It was like a big hug orgy between superheroes and mythical woodland fairy creatures. Odd. Lastly, the antagonist was weak, very weak. In the first you had Rasputin and the dark side, this sequel gives you the prince of trolls. I don’t know who he was the prince of, but trolls were definitely involved. Point being, they just weren’t very intimidating. Also, the ending was pretty predictable if you paid any attention to the first half an hour.

Final tally: Would rather have seen the Dark Knight again and waited until this came out on DVD. This does continue a pretty lame movie streak my brother and I have seen together, really no luck since we saw Superbad last year. Oh, well there is always next time.  C+


2 thoughts on “Hellboy 2: the golden army

  1. A hug orgy !!! Ha Ha ! So true ! Everyone did love
    everyone in this film. I was like, “What the hell” ?
    No pun intended. The duet between the fish-head guy
    and Hellboy was pretty darn funny though…

    The beer scene was pretty funny. I hope they make a third installment, Hellboy is a great character. They need to go back to the original for inspiration and keep the antagonist dark.

  2. I liked the duet scene too, as well as the scene with the old woman/troll(?) that was going to eat the kitten and HB was freaking out. I’m not a cat person myself, but I always thought HB’s affection for cats added a lot to his character. Always lots of fun stuff in these films, even if it wasn’t as good as the first one.

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