Hellboy II

You give this a bad review…and I’ll break out mah BIG GUN…

Usually if I don’t see a movie a week or two after it’s release, I don’t make a point to see it…especially in the summertime, when the glut of movies can be overwhelming. But for Guillermo Del Toro, who directed and produced one of my favorite movies ever, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, I figured I would make an exception. So I drove all the way to Zanesville, OH to see it with my brother, the OTHER half of “Popcorn and a Soda” and once again, we were witness to another average film.

For whatever reason, a majority of the films we see together usually are disappointments. I don’t know if I would call this movie a disappointment per se, but it definately didn’t live up to the expectations that I had for it. Although I enjoyed the first “Hellboy”, I wouldn’t call it a classic. So this one kinda falls right in line with the original…but I thought the original was better.

Here’s MY take on “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”. Guillermo has a vision. And usually it has a lot of creatures in it. And unfortunately he spends maybe a little too much time working on the monsters and not enough time developing the script. Although no “X-Files”, I have a hard time with the overall theme of this movie and that is “love”. Yes…”love”. A love between Hellboy and Liz. A love between Abe (the fish guy) and a princess. The love of mankind. The love of the fable world of fairies and trolls and mythical creatures. Lots of love everywhere. And it gets a little old after awhile. Plus…when the highlight of a comic book action hero movie is a fight between the main character and a giant plant, you know ya got some issues. And that is what happens here.

And once again, I’m all for special effects, but they can’t carry a movie (the first couple of “Harry Potter” films proved that theory. They got MUCH better once the effects became more in the background) and the creatures of this film almost overwhelm every scene that they are in. Character development of this film is somewhat stagnant, even with a surprise in the storyline about Hellboy’s future and an addition character that I found to be interesting (he’s made of a “mist” that can leave his suit at anytime). And an additional disappointment was “The Golden Army” of the title. Basically a bunch of giant robots that get very little screentime and didn’t justify their name in the title. Also the main villain, who looks like he could have come from any of the “Blade” films, was very weak.

Overall I think this movie will do just as well on DVD. Nothing to rush out and plunk down $10 for…

Overall Raiting: C


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