If I Could Make Batman III…

See! She’s Got The Suit Already!!!

So I went and paid another $10 to see “The Dark Knight” and my first review was pretty much dead on. Aside from having the constant pounding in my chest the first time I saw it, it is an excellent film and I do believe it will carry some weight once Oscar time rolls around. I think you’ll see Ledger up for “Best Supporting Actor” as well as many secondary awards such as editing, sound, etc. But I don’t think it will be nominated for “Best Picture”. Just me thinking out loud…but I’m imagining that the old folks that nominate will pass up “The Dark Knight” for other, less bombastic films. And that’s okay. But give director Christopher Nolan his due and nominate him for “Best Director”, because the vision of this film is truly extraordinary, especially for an action drama.

Now…let’s start looking at a sequel, shall we? The problem here is ultimately Heath Ledger is no longer with us, so whatever plans that there might have been for The Joker’s return are now null and void. And Harvey “Two Face” Dent died at the end of TDK, so he’s out. So what happens next? Well…rumors have been flying around that Angelina Jolie is interested in possibly playing Catwoman. I’ve given it lots of thought and I have come to the conclusion that THAT WOULD BE FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

Look at it from the perspective that Bruce Wayne’s love interest is now gone and this woman shows up who has a way with him. He is smitten by her and she is as violent and dark as he is. Can you imagine the kind of heat that could light up the screen if you got Jolie into the mix? Ooooh…that would be sweeeeeet!

There is also rumors of Johnny Depp as The Riddler (bad idea) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin (good idea). I think Depp as a manic character like Riddler would just seem strange. Plus, he is a little too well known for the role. It’s too bad that Jim Carrey’s performance as The Riddler was done so poorly in a previous Batman movie, because now he could play it as it should be played…a little smarter with less physical humor. Hoffman would be an interesting choice for Penguin, but I am just not sold that the Penguin is all that interesting as a villain.

And that is where you ultimately have a problem. You have to find a villain that stands up (to some degree) to that of Ledger…and that is gonna be really difficult. But Jolie could measure up. She has that “Catwoman” like quality. She definately could go toe-to-toe with the cast. It just makes sense…for her and for the guys footing the bill to make the movie.

Of course, right now, Jolie is over in France or someplace raising a truckload of kids (she just recently had twins…which leads me to believe that all of this talk about her being “interested” in the role is all a bunch of crap), so she’s out for a while. But how cool would that be to see her in some slinky, black cat outfit? I’d pay my money now if it was a go!

For your consideration, here could be a few other options…

Bring Cillian Murphy back and let him give the Scarecrow another try. He’s got the acting chops, you just have to give him something else to do besides spray people with his “fear” spray.

There is a villain called “Ragdoll” that might be interesting. He is a contortionist. Probably not a main villain, but could play off The Catwoman character nicely. Christian Glover could go nuts with a role like that one!

Another character known as “Bane” could be a test for Batman. He is basically a super-strong soldier who could match Batman’s strength. He is also a complicated character and that would work well in Nolan’s universe. Dunno who they would get to play him though. Has to be someone big who can act…and they are hard to find.

If so desired, Nolan could add a CGI character to the mix, providing it wasn’t the main villain. I’m thinking about Killer Croc or Clayface (maybe Hoffman as Clayface? That would be cool…).

Well…whatever they come up with, it’s gonna have to be pretty damn good. “The Dark Knight” is definitely a tough act to follow. But Angelina Jolie as The Catwoman has definately sparked my interest. Hopefully it’s a rumor with some truth to it, because at this moment, I can’t think of anyone better to be in the next one!

3 thoughts on “If I Could Make Batman III…

  1. Why didn’t I think of that ? LOL !!! People had been
    asking me who should be “Catwoman”, (I’m a big advocate
    of her being in the next film), and I just stared off
    into space with a little drool on my lip ! Angelina
    Jolie is an AWESOME choice ! THAT would bring the
    business. I’m all for it. Why “Catwoman” you ask ?
    She really is one of the darker characters. A sad
    person who is used and abused her entire life, and
    then murdered, only to come back from the dead with
    a vengeance ! Christopher Nolan could have a field day
    with that one !!! Plus, she is the ONLY woman in the
    world who can connect with “Batman” at this point !

  2. Also, I’m a big fan of “The Penguin”.
    Philip Seymour Hoffman gets my vote
    as well ! Alone, he probably could
    not hold his own in a “Batman” flick,
    but with Jolie it would work !!!

    Awesome post Alan. Can’t wait to
    see what the future holds for this
    franchise !

  3. I personally think that Ziyi Zhang would make an excellent Catwoman. It would carry on the international theme seen in Dark Knight. She has the physical acting abilities, the grace and the power, to play Catwoman and would just be a general badass. I don’t like Jolie so much for the role. I feel like her roles in action movies can be overdone. I prefer her in a more nuanced role, which I suppose this could be as well.

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