Inside Man

“Seriously…are you or are you not…the Invisible Man???”

If it weren’t for the fact that it says so in the credits, I would never have guessed that this film was directed by Spike Lee. But I guess that should be a back-handed compliment to a guy who usually fills his films with messages about racism and love and hate and whatever other hot topic he can get his hands on. I guess there is a little of that in this movie as well, however it never gets out of control and what little bit of hatred that IS touched on (Hitler, Nazis, etc) is kept as an underlying current against a stream of brilliant bank heist-ery.

This is a bank heist movie and it succeeds on most levels. I have only a few complaints, but I doubt I’ll get into them simply because they are trivial. Everything about this film is well done. The performances are great. Denzel Washington once again proves he’s one of the best in the business and Clive Owen is on his way to joining that elite group as well! Willem Defoe has a small but effective role as a police officer. The only player in this film I didn’t really care for was Jodie Foster. Her character comes across as a little too smug and not all that frightening even though that is exactly what her character calls for! It’s a strange feeling watching her in this role, because I can never really tell if she is right for it or not. It’s almost like I would like to see someone else play the role and then decide. Because as it stands, I didn’t really think it was one of her better performances.

The screenplay was pretty good as well. Aside from some confusing parts that went unanswered (why did the robbers continually move their hostages from room to room? Will the real villain ever get his come-uppance?), I was entertained and kept on the edge of my seat, especially once Washington started catching on to what the robbers were really up too. I would definately put this on your “Great Rental” list and check it out as soon as you get a chance!

Overall Rating: B


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