The Lost boys: The Tribe (AKA: The Fat Haim Review)

Image Preview

Yeah, gettin back in shape. Got that whole celeb status to keep, ya know.

Yeah, this is the sequel to the 1987 hit ‘The Lost Boys’ with the two Corey’s and kiefer Sutherland. Well, the two Corey’s made it for the sequel but I guess Kiefer was to busy so they subbed him with another Sutherland….Angus Sutherland. I think he is Donald’s bastard son from a fling on the set of Backdraft. OK, back to the critique. Same premise as the first, vampires are bad/people are good. Older sibling has to almost become a vampire in order to save younger sibling. Now that we have the clone plot line taken care of let’s get to the real topic of interest: Corey Feldmen’s voice. Did he get a tracheotomy recently?  Was Greg Oden doing his voice over? He sounded like he really needed a drink of water throughout the entire film! I guess it did distract me from his horrific acting which totally peaked when a really fat Corey Haim vampire showed up. That was the money shot by the way. If you do subject yourself to this “made for Showtime at 3:00am” movie, at least let the credits roll so you get a glimpse at what 20 years of eating has done to Corey Haim. There was a cover of Sister’s of Mercy – Cry Little Sister in the film, but it sucked as well so it was a total loss. Overall: D….+. Yeah D+ because a fat Corey Haim is funny.

P.S. Looking for the above photo I found this nugget

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