The Pineapple Express has arrived

The Pineapple Express by I Love James Franco 4ever.

Franco and Rogen


Pineapple Express is the 30th production from Team Apatow…really? Wow, as I scroll down IMDB’s list his productions hit me like a must see guide to funny. The man knows what is clicking in comedy and does not disappoint often. This latest chronicle follows the standard high as a kite buddy flick generic storyline, but keeps us entertained with great dialogue and decent action sequences. James Franco adds some new life to a tired storyline as his take of a burned up pot dealer. Rogen plays apparently himself ( does he have range? ) but that is what we pay to see him do. The cast does fill out with the usual suspects but none stand out nearly as much as Franco. If you have seen any one trailer for this movie you already know the plot but I won’t be the spoiler for you on this film, just know that if you know what it’s about – You will like it.  Over all – B+


2 thoughts on “The Pineapple Express has arrived

  1. What kept this film from an ‘A’? A scene in which Franco and Rogen sell pot to 7th graders. I can laugh at pot heads doing stupid things, but that scene really crossed the line. Easily a 3 minute scene with Franco, Rogen and 5 seventh graders smoking pot behind a school just does not entertain me – it kind of pisses me off. So, I give it a B+

  2. ITA with you little bro, although I wouldn’t have given it an “A” anyway. Franco did a great job, but it wasn’t THAT funny. Personally, I think all of “Team Apatow’s” films are hit and miss throughout. Busting a gut one minute, then looking at my watch the next, then laughing, then yawning…

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