Smart People: Good Actors, Average Script

I know it’s kinda boring, but it’s the ONLY thing on!

Dennis Quaid is one likeable actor…but in this particular role…I didn’t like him so much. He’s kind of a curmudgeon and boring and not all that interesting. And that pretty much sums up “Smart People”. It’s got a ton of potential, and some of the best character actors in the business (everyone plays their role almost EXACTLY like every other role they’ve been in) but nothing interesting to hold it together.

The only true reason to watch this film is Thomas Hayden-Church. Basically reprising his role from “Sideways”, Hayden-Church is the slouch of a brother that shacks up with Quaids stuffy college professor and gets him to change his ways. He’s snarky and disheveled and hilarious in most of the film! Ellen Page is Quaids’ daughter, basically reprising her role in “Juno”, who is a fast-on-her-feet talker who is ready to graduate high school and attend Stanford…which is NOT where her father teaches. And Sarah Jessica Parker is Quaids love interest, basically reprising her role in “The Family Stone”. She’s not all that interesting and I had a hard time even beginning to understand why her character was even remotely interested in Quaids’ professor. Whatever…

Anyway, this little film is less “Sideways” and more “Little Miss Sunshine” for me. Not as good as it should have been but entertaining enough to keep me interested for a couple of hours. Are there worst movies out there to rent? Sure. But this one should have been better.

Overall Rating: C+


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