Crank-in’ It!

You wanna have some fun?

Remember what I wrote about Jason Statham in “The Bank Job”? I went on record saying he should be the new modern day action star in the vein of a Bruce Willis or Ahnold? Well this movie pretty much highlights this guys ability to carry a movie that is essentially like “Speed”, except it’s not about a bus that needs to stay moving at a high rate of speed. It’s about a MAN who needs to stay running at a high rate of speed in order to stay alive. Loaded up with a Chinese drug that will stop his heart whenever he slows down, Statham plays an assassin named Chev who must keep moving and keep his adrenaline up to catch the guys who are out to kill him.

It’s a gimmick to keep the pace frantic and the action non-stop. And it works, for the most part. Sure, it drifts into ridiculousness with a sex scene in the streets of Chinatown (his heart rate slowing down, Chev begs his girlfriend to have sex with him right there or he will die!?) and a chase scene where, once again, his girlfriend, played by Amy Smart, plays a role in keeping him at attention while the bad guys shoot at him and his car careens out of control. It’s all silly and actually quite entertaining…if you like this kind of action.

Needless to say, Statham’s movies aren’t for everyone. And this is a typical action film and doesn’t really proceed forward past being a stereotypical action film, much like “Wanted”, with stylish editing like “Man On Fire”. But it’s not without some good qualities and is a good flick to catch on Cinemax this month!

Overall Rating: B


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