Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

I don’t quite know how to describe this little film. It’s somewhere between “Juno” and “When Harry Met Sally” with a dash of “Lost In Translation”. It’s hip in all the right ways. It’s an ode to the New York underground music scene. It’s got quirky characters. It’s got a cool soundtrack. And it’s all about that first time. Well…not THE first time. But the first time you actually meet your true love. Or the first time you actually meet that one person who truly “gets” you.

First off, I really enjoyed this movie, but it took some time to grow on me. This is NOT a John Hughes comedy. It could have very easily been that though. It has some stereotypical characters: a rich girl who has a famous daddy. A cool hipster kid who is in a band (called The Jerk Offs!) with gay bandmates. A silly car that is constantly in need of a jumpstart. So many opportunities for this film to take a bad turn and turn into a farce. But it doesn’t. It stays true to itself and slowly reveals the budding relationship between Michael Cera’s Nick and Kat Dennings’ Nora. The chemistry isn’t quite there in the beginning, but as the movie progresses, you get to see how these two are meant for each other. And in a quite and lovely moment, they share a scene that will remind even the oldest person in the theatre what their first time was like. I don’t want to give anything else away, but the plot revolves around an underground rock band, a drunken friend (played by Ari Graynor, in quite possibly the most disgusting scene of the year!) and 2 college-bound teens who want more out of their relationships and their lives.

I will be surprised if this movie doesn’t end up on quite a few “Best Of 2008” lists at the end of the year. It’s that good. And the music is right up my alley! One of the best of the year!

Overall Rating: A

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