“Quantum” Is Quisessential Bond

Go see it…or else!

I admit, I am not a huge James Bond fanatic. I like Bond…I don’t LOVE Bond. And I certainly don’t HAVE to see every Bond film that comes out. But with all the publicity for this film (they were promoting the crap out of it in London when I was there), it almost made it a “Have To See” event movie! So, even though I read the reviews…some good, some bad…I decided I was gonna see it. And a weekend in Denver by myself proved the best time to go.

So what did I think? Well…it’s good! I like Daniel Craig as Bond (he has brought an edge back to the series, which is awesome!). I liked the action sequences. I liked the dialogue. I thought the villain was good (even if he was somewhat vanilla). And…that’s it. I can’t tell you anything about the plot, because it had something to do with the villain getting his hands on a water supply in the desert. I don’t know where that ranks in the “Bonds Worst Villains” gallery, but the guy who plays the bad guy was a decent actor and made the part somewhat interesting. The 2 women in the film are both attractive and believable. All the supporting players (including Judi Dench as “M”) are good. So…overall I think it’s a pretty good film!

But once again, I am NOT a Bond fanatic. So what I think is adequate may not be what most Bond fans are looking for. Is this movie better than the previous one? Nah…”Casino Royale” is a classic and redefined what some thought a James Bond film is. But this one compliments that one and inches the storyline a little farther. I will be looking forward to the next one and I’ll go one record as saying “Quantum Of Solace” won’t go down as the worst Bond film ever (that dubious honor goes to “Die Another Day”, which was just awful…even if it DID have Halle Berry in it!).

Overall Rating: B


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