Ever watch a movie and then realize what you’ve just seen could actually have been happening right before your very eyes? That is the case of “Once”, an independent film from 2007 that totally slipped by me until last night (12/25/08).

Set in Ireland and starring 2 musicians, one of which is actually from a popular band called “The Frames”, the movie starts out as you meet the “guy” (no names for either of the 2 main characters, which I find to be endearing actually) strumming his guitar on the street corner. “Girl” walks by and notices him. From there, you get to know each of these two intimately as they meet and then set out to make a recording. And it’s as romantic and loving as any film I’ve ever seen.

I don’t want to give anything away, but this film came out of nowhere and smacked me in the head. Seriously, movies like this are gold for me, so I don’t want to tell all of the nuances and storylines. Let’s just say that both characters are likeable, both are struggling with past relationships and both carry some baggage of some kind. But at no point is any of this heavy-handed. It’s all done with genuine affection and told in such a way that you believe that this story is happening right in front of you andyou want to know more about each of them. It’s a perfect story with fantastic music (the song “Falling Slowly” won an Oscar) and a storyline so basic that it is timeless.

Go rent or buy it today…you won’t be disappointed and I guarantee you’ll watch it more than…once!  🙂

Overall Rating: A+


3 thoughts on “Once

  1. I liked your review cuz I am the same way 😀 if the movie is really good I just can’t say anything but recommend it 😀 it’s a must see and any words are worthless 😀 Like for Once 😀 I remember when we watched it three years ago in a small room crowded with 50 people and Glen and Marketa :)) back then even subtitles for the movie weren’t ready :)) but even though it didn’t seem they could make it to big film festivals, they did and deserved it :)) so I am glad to see another person being overwhelmed by it :))

  2. I LOVED this movie and it had nothing to do with being Irish (although it did help in translating some of the dialogue for The First Husband.) You captured it exactly, Alan – it was special just by not striving to be special. I found the ending totally believable, but I could not imagine it getting past a Hollywood producer. Great review for a great movie.

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