“Married Life” Is Just Bad Enough…

Wanna go to a movie? Or have some pie?

A slow Monday evening. Nothing on tv. So the wife and I rented “Married Life”, a film promoted as a dark comedy of sorts. Well…it is dark in areas…but for the most part, there is nothing comedic about any of this movie. Starring 4 pretty darn good actors, this film never really gets off the ground and, although the acting is top notch, the story just sort of lingers too long without making any headway.

Its really an offshoot of “American Beauty”. A man having a mid-life crisis sees another woman as his “true love” and decides he can’t live without her. He then decides that he can’t leave his wife, so he must kill her. There are so many different things wrong with this film that I could get into a long-winded criticism of it. However, I am not up to it and this film probably won’t be on anyone’s short list to see anytime soon. It’s not terrible, but just not as good a script as the actors that are playing the roles. With Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Patricia Clarkson & Rachel McAdams (cast incorrectly as the “woman on the side” role. This role would have been perfect for someone a little older…), this film could have been a much better if the storyline had made more headway into why the younger woman (McAdams) loves the main character (Cooper) so much, considering they are so different in age. And the over-written time that the Cooper takes in trying to off his wife is a better half of the entire middle of the film and just muddles along. Get rid of the “killing” part, and this movie might have made a decent drama about relationships. However, the idea that this man would kill his wife because she can’t live without him is a little far fetched. Especially since the character doesn’t really lend himself to being the killing kind. He is simply a man who wants to feel love & desire again. Something that has been lost between him and his wife (Clarkson).

For the record, I am a huge fan of Clarkson and Brosnan and have enjoyed both Cooper & McAdams’ work. They are all great in this movie. So if you enjoy them, you might want to check this one out. Otherwise, too much story and some bad directing does this one in.

Overall Rating: C-

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