first it was cloverfield now it’s “Once”

I’m Irish, your Czecho-Somthinerother, hows it gonna work? It doesn’t.


Once….my brother and I agreed on the quality of films.
OK, my brother loves music and that is a perfectly good explanation why he strongly recommended Once to me. What I don’t get is why he recommended a film with such a weak storyline to me. Does my brother love schmucks who are broken hearted? Married women who lead on sappy men only to crush their hopes of rebounding with someone cool? I don’t know.
Now for the review, Once is a low budget film (not a bad thing) that follows the brief relationship between a guitar playing, heart-broken man and a piano playing, flower selling Czech woman. After what seems to be days, they decide to cut an album together along with some random street musicians. The album is good and the Czech cuts him loose. Our broken hearted, guitar wielding, Czech loving, album seeking, Hoover fixing protagonist decides to move to London to reconnect with his whore ex-girlfriend and hopefully get a record deal. The end. This movie actually reminds me of August Rush, where the music totally distracts your ears enough that your eyes don’t notice the garbage that is passing by them.
Grade: C… Flat ( a music joke, I am witty!)

3 thoughts on “first it was cloverfield now it’s “Once”

  1. “Once” again you have missed the point of a great film. Stick to your obsession with “The Godfather” series and leave my little independent films alone. This is a CLASSIC! C…Flat. U…suck.

  2. And the point of this great film was……..
    I am glad you liked it, but the story moved along VERY slowly for me. Nothing really developed throughout the film. This is “Lost in Translation” + “August Rush”, both boring movies. I stick to my guns here, great music – bad movie.

  3. Well…there ya go. I LOVED “Lost In Translation”…so maybe it’s just my type of film. But whatever…it is NOT a bad movie. Not even a little bit. Cloverfield I give you because you are a big wuss and got sick because of all the movement. So there’s nothing I can do about that. But this film is very well done and is one of the best movies for couples that I have ever seen. Just sayin’…

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