“Push” It Aside…

The movie poster is the coolest part of the film…

Ya know when you see a magician and he pulls the rabbit out of the hat. It’s pretty cool, right? Especially when he does it right in front of you and there seems to be no way that he could have done it without you seeing it. This same amazement does not apply to movies. The problem with a movie like “Push” is that it expects you to put believe that it is making magic, but the magician isn’t just standing in front of you. The magician is moving around, jumping from place to place and is basically all over the editing room floor. And this movie has been hacked up to the point of annoyance.

Originally I went to see this film because it kind of looked like an offshoot of the television show “Heroes”. Regular people gifted with extraordinary powers. But once it got started, I could tell that it was going to become a basic, by the books thriller that copies the editing style of the “Bourne” series and tries to be something its not. And…that’s pretty much what it did.

Lots of walking around, lots of talking, little action. Sure…some of the effects are cool (nothing you haven’t seen in the X-Men series though), but the characters are dreadfully boring and I have no idea what the point of this movie was. The good guys are supposed to find this syrum that the bad guys don’t want the government to know about. So Chris Evans & Dakota Fanning enlist the help of a group of other “gifted” people and fight the bad guys, which includes an Asian mob and Djimon Hounsou, who can make people think and do things by turning his eyes black and looking menacing. I don’t buy it.

And the plot was horrible! So many twists and turns that are then “answered” because the producers & writers have an easy out…these “heroes” can make reality NOT reality. They can shift things and make you think you are seeing something when you are not. And so…this is where the magic trick is supposed to happen! But it never does. It all seems fake. And that’s really where this film crashes & burns.

I can handle being fooled once or twice. But when the plot starts looking like swiss cheese and I’m supposed to believe it all comes together in the end all nice & neat, I start to get irritated. And this film had me boiling by the end of it.

Needless to say, “Push” isn’t getting a good rating from me. It’s over edited, overblown and under-acted. Not a glowing recommendation. Maybe for the next trick the magician can pull out a buzzsaw and hack right through this mess of a film? I’m sure the producers could figure out a way to make you believe that it was all still in one piece!

Overall Rating: C-


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