“Watchmen” Is Worth The Price Of Admission!

The Comedian has an odd sense of humor…

Well…truthfully…I got in free. But it IS worth the price of admission, even if you aren’t a comic book fan or a superhero fan or a even if you have no idea what the hell “Watchmen” is! Because truth be told, I knew very little about this movie going into it. But here is what I did know…it’s based on a comic novel that was originally so intense that it was thought that it could NEVER be transferred to the big screen. And guess what…it translates very nicely to the big screen, thank you very much!

For the record, I AM a fan of superhero flicks. And I thought “The Dark Knight” from last summer was an AWESOME film (it totally got robbed at the Oscars!). So when I hear that a dark comic novel is coming to the big screen, I listen. But I didn’t go in knowing what every plotline and character was. I managed to avoid the press in order to enjoy a completely new experience. And I enjoyed it immensely! It is rated “R”, so it’s not for everyone. But it’s dramatic, and violent, and thought-provoking, and fascinating to watch…all at the same time.

Without giving ANY of the plot away, let me tell you this much…it is a long film (and it HAD to be that way). There are no characters who don’t belong here (no Robin’s in this bunch!). The plot IS convoluted, however the producer & director did an amazing job making it coherent. And every actor or actress does their role justice. There is sex and violence and things that maybe might make you squeamish. It is very much a dark, adult drama about superheroes who may or may not be what you might imagine real people might be like if they tried to become superheroes. And that is what makes it stand out.

I am somewhat surprised that this film was released in early March. Seems this could have made a killing in the early summer season. But I guess with the “R” rating, there would have been some takeaway at the box office. Either way, I am gonna highly recommend this film, however do not expect a typical superhero film. It is not a Batman or Superman wannabe. This film stands alone and is very good by those standards!

Overall Rating: A


One thought on ““Watchmen” Is Worth The Price Of Admission!

  1. Great Review ! You hit the good, the bad, and everything in between. I agree, this was a
    swell film. I thought “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” were a little better. The length of
    this movie really got to me. I understand it HAD to be as long as it was though. Comic book movies have every right to get as deep and dark (or light and fluffy) as they want. This one
    waves its depressing issues in the audience’s face with such audacity that it makes for a unique viewing experience indeed. (The opening sequence is just AMAZING). I’d love to write
    an essay on Dr. Manhattan… A God-like being trying to keep his humanity intact but not caring as he looses his grip. Much to my dismay, I found the other characters were never examined closely enough and had to be taken at face value. For example: The Comedian is a total sicko. But why ?

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