Dude…I Love You, Man!

So the latest in a slew of Hollywood “bromance” films hit the theaters last weekend and tonight I went to see it with a buddy of mine. And let me tell you…it’s a damn good film! Judd Apatow kinda re-jumpstarted this film genre, and now it’s rolling along on the backs of a few stars, notably Paul Rudd (Knocked Up, 40-Year Old Virgin) & Jason Segal (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). And both make good use of familiar territory in this movie which is chock full of belly laughs and uncomfortable conversations.

The jest of the movie is this…Paul Rudd is a ladies man. Not in the traditional sense. Actually, he is very much a true ladies man. He is the perfect boyfriend! He is polite, caring, loving and he listens wholeheartedly to every word a woman says. In this film, he listens to every word that his fiance, played by newcomer Rashida Jones, says. He isn’t a “puppy”, but this guy doesn’t have a problem not having any guy friends. Until they start planning the wedding and it becomes apparent that Peter (Rudd) needs to have groomsmen so that the bridesmaids will have someone to walk down the aisle with. So its up to Rudd to make some friends. And then it gets complicated.

Actually, its not really complicated. It’s actually pretty damn hysterical! Pete goes out on “man-dates”, trying to find the perfect buddy match, only to find it isn’t so easy. Until he meets his perfect bud in Sydney (Segal), and the two of them quickly strike up a best friend relationship where they talk about sex, jam to Rush and hang out in Sydney’s man-cave. Eventually, the fiance gets a little jealous and things start to unravel a bit. For some reason, all of these silly movies have to have their serious moments. But in the case of this movie, it works pretty well!

I had a blast watching this film! It has a lot going for it in Rudd, who is as likeable a leading man as I have seen in years. I don’t know if he could carry an action film or a heavy drama, but for this film, he is a pitch perfect choice to play Pistol Pete.

Everyone in this film is great, but especially Jon Favreau & Jaime Pressley as a married couple who fight constantly and exchange some of the greatest love/hate venom that I have seen since “When Harry Met Sally”! This movie is a must see comedy. And if your wife or girlfriend refuse to see it, take a best bud or even a co-worker from the office. Trust me, you’ll be feeling the love long before the credits roll! But don’t leave too early…the movie ain’t over until the wedding party leaves!

Overall Rating: A


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