X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This little piggie went to market…

The summer season has officially begun with a whimper. Unlike it’s predecessors, this backstory of a movie based on the most popular of X-Men is a super dud. Hugh Jackman replays his role as the title character who has several different powers. He has his claws, he can heal superfast and apparently he doesn’t age as quickly as humans. Born in the mid 1800’s, a very young Logan finds that he is different from everyone else, something his brother has always known. So they set out on their own, relying on each other for protection. Together they join the army where it is soon discovered that they have special abilities. Enter William Stryker, who enlists them to join his group of “super agents”. Soon Logan decides to strike out on his own, tired of the tyranny that his band of rowdies seem to be encouraging. Of course, this is much to the chagrin of Stryker and before long, all hell is breaking loose.

And from there its Wolverine on the run, Wolverine falling in love, Wolverine on the hunt, Wolverine struggling to understand his life. So on and so forth. Hugh Jackman is fine as Wolverine…I guess. Wolverine is an interesting character, and his popularity in the comic world speaks for itself. Why this movie is so boring is beyond me. But it is.

Sure there is an onslaught of new characters. The super group is actually pretty cool. You have Logan’s brother who is Sabretooth. You have Tank, who has super-strength (and is later reinvented as a different character). Agent Zero, who is deadly with his guns. Wade, played by Ryan Reynolds, who has cool swords and is the best part of the movie. He is later reincarnated as another popular villain known as Deadpool. A character who can zap himself from place to place played by Will.I.Am. And then Gambit makes an appearance (which is pretty cool) and a slew of other kids who will eventually become X-Men for Professor Xavier, including an appearance by a young Cyclops. And Lynn Collins plays Wolverine’s love interest who also has a hidden talent…and it ain’t that she’s pretty good lookin’!

So this should be a cool film, right? Buuuut it’s not. It’s too packaged and slick. And the ending is entirely too hokey. Here’s the problem now. After seeing films such as “The Dark Knight” & “Watchmen”, my taste for superhero movies has changed. No longer is having a cool character onscreen good enough. Now there has to be a story and grittiness and some authenticity to it. Wolverine doesn’t have that. It shines like a sparkly diamond in the Marvel arsenal and never really gets its hands dirty. And that’s too bad, because Wolverine should be a character that gets dirty. He has the claws for it, but unfortunately in this movie, they never come out.

Overall Rating: C


3 thoughts on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  1. Ouch… that empty inside, huh?

    Well, I will be seeing it as well… but I am already heart-broken.

    With the wealth of story and the depth of character that is in the books and the time they had to put this together… I find it so hard to believe they dropped the ball on the story. That really is disappointing.

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