Star Trek (and Why J.J. Abrams is the new Spielberg)


Going into Star Trek, I had heard good things, so it had that going for it. But I have never been a die hard Trekkie and so I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this flick. I figured that if I could be entertained for a bit, it would be successful. Well…I’m happy to report that not only does Star Trek entertain, but it redefines what Star Trek can be for an entirely new generation being introduced to the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Not that I’m willing to do away with the entire backstory of Trek. Obviously fans of the tv shows and the previous movies have an affection for the characters, and that’s great! But what J.J. Abrams has done with this movie is take it to the next level. I mean…this movie moves at a breakneck pace and never stops! It has action, drama, humor and more action and I LOVED it! Granted, there were a couple of moments where you have to suspend belief in order for the whole thing to come together (there is a plotline that involves Spock of the future with Spock of the now that is somewhat unbelievable), but for the most part…this movie is the TRUE kickoff to what is gonna be a great summer for action flicks!

First off, the casting. Whoever cast the primary pieces for this film nailed it. Kirk is played by Chris Pine. Never heard of him? Me neither. I looked him up. His bio has him in “Smoking Aces” and “The Princess Diaries 2”. What? Really? Because this guy IS James T. Kirk! “Heroes” villain Zachary Quinto plays Spock and does a great job. Maybe my only complaint with him was that his voice is not as deep as the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy). But other than that…dead on! The rest of the cast is superb, especially Karl Urban as “Bones” McCoy, Simon Pegg as “Scotty” and Zoe Saldana as “Uhura”. And the rest of the cast is really great as well. Especially with so many special effects to act around, they all do a fantastic job.

The plot in itself is original and done pretty well. It involves time travel and a villain who seeks revenge. I don’t want to give away any plot points, but the opening sets everything up nicely and it never slows down from there.

So now I want to bring up the arrival of J.J. Abrams as the new Spielberg. Look…I realize there is only one Spielberg but I gotta tell you…with this movie and last year’s “Cloverfield”, Abrams can be considered in the same realm as “The Mighty One”. He definitely knows how to put together a great popcorn film and I would imagine that he isn’t gonna be directing musicals anytime soon. The guy obviously understand entertainment and will keep the seats in theatres filled anytime he releases a movie. Cloverfield was a warm-up for him. After his success on television, it was only natural to proceed to a much bigger playing field, and he has done that with Star Trek.

I hope Abrams and the entire cast return for the next film. It has been rumored that Abrams was not a fan of Star Trek before he made this film and he did it to make a movie that fans of the series and anyone who didn’t know anything about Trek could enjoy. Well he did that and has set up a tent pole for summers to come. So Bravo to Abrams and the cast of the USS Enterprise! Fantastic job and hopefully this sets the bar for the movies coming up in the coming weeks! On short notice…”Terminator: Salvation”, “Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince” and “Transformers II”! It’s gonna be a great summer!

Overall Rating: A


2 thoughts on “Star Trek (and Why J.J. Abrams is the new Spielberg)

  1. I actually can’t wait to see this. I love Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise, but always hated the original series (some of the movies were ok.) This is one “remake” I’m glad they’re doing. (Although I do love Nemoy and was thrilled to see him in Fringe.)

  2. I loved the original series, was addicted to the STNG in college, but never got into the later series. I knew nothing about this movie before seeing it, and it rocked my socks off!!! I thought the characters were perfectly represented, the actors did a bang up job, and I think the production was great. I can see where a purist might be upset that “this usurps the original series”, but I think it just gives us (as fans) an opportunity to re-think everything we ‘know’ about Star Trek, and how it has been changed.

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