Terminator Salvation

The best part of Terminator Salvation…

So many bad reviews, so little time. Honestly, I had heard so many awful things and then there was the whole Christian Bale yelling at a crewmate thing and the bad press and so on and so forth. So I really had low expectations even though I thought the trailer was pretty bad-ass. Needless to say…this film was not bad-ass. Did it have it’s moments? Yes. Did it have impressive action sequences? Yes. Did it have decent acting? Yes (although Bale’s low, breathy delivery is getting stale after the last Batman movie). So what was so bad about it? Well…it just didn’t live up to the first 2 Terminator films…which is pretty hard to do.

Also…the script kinda sucked. Look…you have to understand the Terminator history to kind of follow this movie because a lot of it is just plain silly. Essentially John Connor (the son of Sarah Connor or the woman who was running from Ahnald in the first 2 movies) is all grows up and is now fighting the big, bad cyborgs of the Earth’s future. In this future, he is a leader in the resistance and has old cassette tapes that his mother left for him to tell him what his destiny is. So on these tapes he is told that he needs to find Kyle Reese, who will become his father in the past (confused yet?), and keep him safe, otherwise he will never be born and the machines will then take over and forever rule the earth. Hmmmm…..ooookay.

So this has all kinds of ramifications and we get to see multiple storylines. One follows John Conner as he and his pregnant girlfriend (played by Bryce Dallas Howard who is impeccably pretty…even in a film about killer robots after armageddon) are underground and plotting how to find Kyle Reese. And then we get Kyle Reese’s storyline where he is met up by a half-man/half-machine robot with a heart of gold named Marcus Wright who was a killer in the past but was executed but was brought back as part robot (confused yet?). And then after Reese is captured like the humans in “War Of The Worlds” (giant robot picks him up and drops him into a cage full of other human guinea pigs), we get to follow Marcus Wright as he meets hottie Moon Bloodgood (who has the oddest name in Hollywood) and she brings him to where the resistance is plotting to take down Cybernet with a loud noise that kills the power of all robots. Kinda.

Anyway…it’s all very convoluted and silly and there are some cool car chases and lots of shooting and animation. The cyborg looks pretty cool and all of the actors do a decent enough job. But the ending of this film is just plain TERRIBLE and the plot so overly done that nothing can save this from becoming what it truly is…a really bad Hollywood summer blockbuster. This ranks up there with Die Hard 4. Not so bad that I couldn’t watch it, but definitely NOT a film that I have to see again. So for a true Terminator fan, I imagine you have already seen it. For those who were just considering going to check it out…go see Star Trek instead and leave this film to die a slow death a the theater. Not good folks…and hopefully the Terminator will NOT be back.

Overall Rating: C+


3 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation

  1. I dont really think that the movie sucked, bUT I do agree that they should have at least tried to follow the other movies the best that they could. but in other matters I thought that it deserved a better rating than a C+. Sometimes I think you critics out there are to harsh on film. Just wanted to let you know that.

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