Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Megan Fox
Megan Fox is in this film. Just an FYI…

I really enjoyed the first Transformers, so after seeing the trailer for this one, I was totally excited! But then the reviews started coming in…and then I was a little worried. But of course I had to go see it for myself on the big screen and I am happy to report…I was not disappointed.

First thing you should know is that it is a very long film. So taking an infant might be an issue. This apparently did not matter to a family who had a child who cried through the entire film in a packed theater on a Sunday night. Also, although this film might seem like a kiddie vehicle (seeing as how it is based on a toy line), it is NOT for kids under 13 (which might be why it’s rated PG-13). There is lots of cussing and violence and some disturbing images.

Okay…so that’s out of the way…let’s get to my review.

The action in this film is SPECTACULAR! The CGI is seemless and the robots and humans interact flawlessly. I was in constant amazement of how Michael Bay created some of the scenes that he did. Most of the battle scenes are some of the coolest since “Lord of the Rings” and the sheer amount of firepower that must have been used during filming is very impressive.

The cast does a great job acting with blue screen because every scene where there are robots and people, it actually seems like they are looking at the Autobots. From Shia LeBouf (who totally sucked in the last Indy Jones film) to John Turturro, everyone plays their part very well. This ain’t “Schindler’s List”, so there is obviously a scale in which to grade for a popcorn flick, and everyone carried their weight in this one. Especially Julie White, who plays Shia’s mom, Jusy Whitwicky. She gets some pretty funny scenes and steals some of the early comedic moments.

Megan Fox is hot.

I could tell you the plot but it is very convoluted and somewhat suspect, so I’ll boil it down to this…the Decepticons are looking to steal our sun and an evil lord known as The Fallen has returned to help in that process. It’s up to Sam Whitwicky (Shia) & the Autobots to stop them. Of course that is the REALLY abbreviated version of it. The film takes almost 20 minutes to tell the same thing that I just did in a sentence, but that’s okay…because I paid $10 to see this film and I could care less as long as there is a lot of explosions and cool robots and battle scenes. The plot is secondary. And in this film, Bay does action sequences like nobody’s business!

Megan Fox is hot.

So my final tally for this summer treat? If you liked the first one, you’re gonna LOVE this one! You can actually SEE the Transformers fight in this film (no more crazy editing like in the first one) and all the robots are awesome! Megan Fox is hot. The pace is set at 11 and everything moves pretty quickly despite the long run time. Oh…and Megan Fox is hot.

Overall Rating: A-

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