“Harry Potter” Is All Grows Up

emma watson
Teenage wizard or fanboy dreamgirl? Let’s discuss…

If you haven’t been following the Harry Potter films, here’s the jest…

Harry is going to school. He is studying to be a wizard. His parents were both excellent wizards. They were killed by some crazy evil wizard named Voldemort who also went to the school where Harry is studying. He has two best friends. The head master of the school where Harry goes to school is a really old wizard who is trying to stop Voldemort from returning from wherever he went (did he die? did he retire? was he banished? I dunno…) and killing Harry and possibly all the other “good” wizards. And…uh…well…now you’re pretty much caught up.

Now…about THIS film. If you HAVE seen the previous 5 movies, then you know that most of the films usually wrap up in a semi-neat fashion. Normally there is some storyline involved where an ending can occur and it leaves you somewhat satisfied and then there is the greater overlying storyline of which I just discussed. In “The Half-Blood Prince” (or Harry #6), it’s all about the big picture. No werewolves, no invisible cloaks, no secret wizard training. This movie is all about one thing and that is Harry #7.

So if you are a Harry fan, you should be satisfied. Essentially this movie is done very well. I have to admit, I have not read ANY of the Potter books, so I am going strictly with the director’s vision. But this one seems to flow with the knowledge that it is there basically to get you to the next chapter and it doesn’t really try to be something it’s not. It’s dark and sometimes scary and has a lot of character development (the friends are all teens now and suffering from typical teenager hormone issues). Needless to say, it’s not my favorite of the Potter films (that would be reserved for #5, “HP & The Order of the Phoenix”), but it holds its own. If anything, it lacks a strong scene like the wizard fight in Phoenix and is a little slow in places which shoots the length of the movie to well over 2 hours and 20 minutes.

So if you like Potter, I would say go check it out. If not, then I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s definitely for fans only.

Overall Rating: B


One thought on ““Harry Potter” Is All Grows Up

  1. harrypoter movies are absolutely amaizing!!!!!!!11 and iam a huge fan of emma watson…. she is so cute……………

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