Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat
Hot, Hotter…Hottest!

Imagine if “Swingers” hooked up with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and you basically have “Couples Retreat”…only less funny than both of them. Written by John Favreau & Vince Vaughn, this movie has plenty of star power but not enough personality. With a great cast which includes “Swinger” alum Vaughn & Favreau and then also including Kristen Bell (from “Saving Sarah Marshall”), Jason Bateman (Juno), Malin Ackerman (Watchmen) and Kristen Davis (Sex In The City), this movie SHOULD be hysterical! Buuuut it’s not.

Sure, it has its funny moments. There are a couple off the top of my head that I found amusing and had a few good laughs. However for the amount of stars included in this film, this one should have had my stomach quaking and my eyes crying. Instead, it tries to be funny & poignant & a date movie all in the same mix and it doesn’t work. My feeling on a movie like this is this…either go for the male viewer or go for the female viewer…but don’t try to get them both because each gender likes different types of humor. There’s not enough time to fit both into a movie (unless you’re “When Harry Met Sally” or something spectacular like that) and it eventually gets all bogged down in the end because the filmmaker HAS to go the sappy route to please the women…which sucks.

Movies such as “The Hangover” and “Knocked Up” succeed because they are basically movies for men. Oh…there are girly parts in them, but the humor is all GUY humor and that’s what makes it work…for me…as a guy. Which isn’t to say that if you are a woman you won’t totally love this movie. Which now it occurs to me that maybe it IS a chick flick, even though it has Vaughn, Favreau & Bateman in it. Which is a little odd…but whatever. I’m gonna leave it at this…”Couples Retreat” will make a great DVD rental for one of those nights when you are stuck at home in a snowstorm and your wife wants to watch a flick. It’s got a little bit of everything in it for everyone but never really gets the guts to go beyond that.

Overall Rating: C+

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