Where The Wild Things Are


I didn’t get to see this film. Actually…my son went with his friend and has a full report. So here it is…”Where The Wild Things Are”…a criticism by Christopher…

The kid jumped on the table. He was acting like he was being king. His mom chased after him and picked him up and the boy (Max) bit her and then ran away. He ran to “Where the Wild Things are”. Once he got there, the wild things tried to eat him. But they didn’t eat him because he said he was king. But they did want to eat him. And then the main “wild thing” (Carol) punched down walls and tore up things he made. And then Max sailed back home and the wild things cried. Carol cried because he was sad for what he did that made Max want to leave. When Max got home, he hugged his mom. And then they had dinner and some cake.

Overall Rating: C (And “C” stands for Christopher)


3 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are

  1. damn. that’s it. he got it. although he told me he thought it was sad… 😦 maybe b/c I cried? we all know i’m a big weanie. he and Noah were laughin at me…. 😉 as I was tuckin noah in i said ‘i’ll eat you up i love you so…’

    he thought that was cool.

    thanks for lettin me steal your kid…

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