Trick R Treat


Originally made back in 2007 and never released in theaters, this frightfest of a little film is nothing but a lot of fun. If you liked “Creepshow”, you’ll love this movie. There’s not a lot of gore and it is all done in the same style as “Creepshow”, with 5 vignettes that are all tied together in some way. The 5 stories go like this…

1. A couple find out how unlucky blowing out a candle before midnight on Halloween really is.

2. A high school principal has a secret.

3. A group of female students are looking for some fun on Halloween and they definitely know how to party!

4. A Halloween prank goes a little too far.

5. The neighborhood curmudgeon gets a visit from a very scary trick or treater.

I don’t want to give away ANY plot points from this movie but it is a great way to get you into the Halloween spirit. With a relatively unknown cast that includes Anna Paquin, Brian Cox and Dylan Baker (you’ll know him when you see him), this movie has a heart filled with razor blades and poison. And the production value is fantastic with glowing pumpkins and rickety old houses and scarecrows and costumes and such. It really is a good time!

So “Trick R Treat” is not gonna leave you grossed out but it will give you pause when you think of breaking any of the traditions of Halloween! Check it out on DVD and let me know what you think!

Overall Rating: A-


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