My “Proposal”? More Of A Plot…

You’ll need more coffee by the time THIS one is over…

“The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds is a straight up, by the books, no surprises anywhere romantic comedy. And that’s it. Nothing new to report. It basically starts out with Reynolds being the assistant to the high-powered executive Bullock, who is the “wicked witch” of the company. They are then forced to concoct a “we’re getting married” plan when she is told she is being deported back to Canada and then the story goes from there. As you can imagine, they eventually fall in love and everyone claps when they kiss at the end and cue the cute credits.

I don’t know what it is about these movies but they seem to do well. This is one of Bullock’s biggest moneymakers, and I’m sure there are more of them lined up. I guess on a Friday date night you could do worse. Both stars are likeable and there isn’t anything wrong with what they do here. The supporting cast is strong (Betty White is funny, Mary Steenburgen still looks great and Craig T. Nelson plays the crotchety dad) and the idea of having Reynolds being an Alaskan is a decent idea. But this comedy never really attempts to be anything other than what it is…an average date flick. And that isn’t a terrible thing. It’s just not something I’ll ever have to watch again.

Aaaaand that is pretty much it.

Overall Rating: C-


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