“Rock Star” Ain’t “Lovely” But It Will Do

I’m not really a Mark Wahlberg fan. As a matter of  fact, I think he is one of the worst actors for hire today. He has one style…and that is intense. If he’s not intense, he’s not good. So when he is in a movie like “Shooter” or “Three Kings”, where he can be in fighting mode, he’s not bad. But you put him in a drama? Boooring. Except for maybe “Boogie Nights”, but that was more of an ensemble film and he IS kinda boring in that movie also.

So Wahlberg has very little to offer and I see that he is playing the father role in the upcoming Peter Jackson film, “The Lovely Bones.” So now I need something…ANYTHING…to show me that he CAN actually act. Because after seeing “The Happening” last summer, I have my serious doubts that he can possibly be the best choice for the father in such a serious film based on a very serious book. So, on someone’s recommendation, I decided to check out “Rock Star.” And now I am pretty sure that his role in “The Lovely Bones” is gonna be a disaster.

But we’ll have to wait to see about that. What I can say about “Rock Star” is that it’s not bad. And it’s a truly great role for Wahlberg! He IS the star in this movie and he plays the role well enough. The only problem is…it’s not a really deep role. It’s a single note role about a guy who has a dream to be the lead singer of a band and eventually he becomes the lead singer. There is much drama between he and his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston), he and his tribute bandmates and he and the band he joins called “Steel Dragon.” Eventually it all gets worked out and the movie ends in a tight little package where everyone gets what they want and all is well in “Rock Star” land. It’s not a bad film at all (I actually really enjoyed it!) and, as you can imagine, it has a really great soundtrack. But there is not a lot more to it than that.

So “Rock Star” is good date movie fare, but I would hardly call it a “drama”. So now I’m concerned for “The Lovely Bones”. I love the book and there is so much talent in the film with Jackson directing and stars such as Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon & Racehl Weisz, that I worry that he might drag the whole thing down to mediocrity. Which would be sad.

Overall Rating: B
Wahlberg’s Performance: B
Odds that Wahlberg will drag down “The Lovely Bones”: More than likely


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