Tony’s Take: The Book Of Eli

So my brother’s best friend Tony decided to weigh in on HIS opinion of the dreaded “Book Of Eli”. I twittered that I thought it sucked. He twittered back…in the form of a review. Since my brother has given up on reviewing movies (wuss), I figure I’d print Tony’s take on the film. See if you agree or disagree…

It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen by far, but it was lacking. It had way too much time filled with slow motion scenes, that needn’t exist. It did have a cool story that was bearable as a 200 page novel… NOT a 1 hour and 58 minute movie, however! I would have been satisfied with 1 hour and 18 minutes (that’s minus 40 minutes of slo-mo walking and scenes that nobody says anything for 4 minutes!).

This story had potential and the acting was great by Denzel… but I think the directing was bad along with post, which should have left a LOT on the “cutting-room floor”.

I think the way the forced the ending with the girl taking over was bunk, if I may. That alone could have filled the other wasted 40 minutes of slo-mo and no talking. It felt insincere, as though it were forced to close the movie and leave you open for a follow-up.

Anyways, Frank, Monica and I all noticed that the audience response was dismal at best… moans and sighs as the credits rolled and the place cleared out quick! Again… cool story, but they also hinged on the apex being the “blind angle” way too much… that should have happened 26 minutes earlier so they could establish the girl discovering and learning his ways al a mister Miagi style… but no, they really shit the bed, with good talent in hand.

Overall : C+
2.9/5 stars


3 thoughts on “Tony’s Take: The Book Of Eli

  1. Well, I guess it is a bit goofy to comment on content that I created, but what the hey…

    First off, thanks for posting it Alan, as I was going to CC Frank on that e-mail, but forgot to. That would also be a little goofy, since Frank was there and heard exactly what is stated in this post. Anyways, feel free to post any/everything that I send you regarding movies, music or any entertainment in general… I’m an open book!

    I do see that we are in agreement that it should not be a movie, but I do think it was a cool story. That being said… a 200 page novel or a 1 hour short film I could live with. I do, unlike you, think it was worth matinee price of $4.00 in Zanesville. I would have been more angry if I had spent more money and or not been with my buddy and my wife… which made it bearable, since I knew they suffered as well. That didn’t come out right… what I meant was that I enjoyed the company of Frank and Monica which allotted the movie-going experience to be less painless. Agreed that if I were by myslef, I would have walked out!


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