Thats right boys and girls, Alan’s reign of this kingdom is coming to an end! I know my voice has been quiet on this site for a while but that’s because my wife popped out another distraction and I haven’t had the time to write…..but I have still been watching those movies! I think it has been a great year for movies and I am sure it will be a better Oscar night for me this time.

Because I was hosed last year by ‘you know who’, there is one simple rule change this year:

No more first and second guesses – we just call em’ as we see em’ and tally up. I got Ledgered last year and my pride can’t let that happen again!

So, with a little less than a month till the big night I gotta get my priorities straight and watch some more TV – wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “THE END IS NEAR!!!!

  1. You are going down Alan, unless you can find a way to kill Heath Ledger again and re-release slumdog millionaire. I would like to state that The Road being snubbed is BS.

  2. Not gonna happen. I can pick them right now if ya want. But I prefer to do it the old fashioned way…ONLINE so the world can see! Bring it brother! Oh…and welcome back. You got a shit ton of writing to do! LOL

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