Popcorn & A Soda Annual Oscar Showdown II (2009 Nominees)

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Popcorn & A Soda Oscar extravaganza!!

As we all know, last year was a sham with Alan pulling the old “Slumdog Ledger” move on me. Not this year my friends! I am too well prepared for anything but an absolute victory. This year the rules are as simple as possible – make your picks and tally up who had the most correct choices. Hopefully you will enjoy this display of superior movie knowledge over my brother! Let’s get it on!!

(Editors note: I did not MAKE the rules last year, I simply followed the ones that were laid out for me. So in THAT regard, I only did what I was told. So this year, we shall truly see who is the most knowledgeable when it comes to trying to predict how Oscar voters are gonna go! And my prediction is…we’re ALL gonna be surprised…)

Best Picture

Frank: “Avatar”
The past couple of months have guaranteed nothing but an “Avatarded” Oscar movie night, so get ready for a dominating performance. Even though the concept of natural living blue people has been around for years with The Smurfs, Jimmy Cameron’s vision gives us blue people ‘getting it on’ – and in 3D!

Alan: “The Hurt Locker”
Despite the fact that I hear really great things about “Precious”, I am gonna go with “Locker” simply because I’ve seen it and the critics all love it! But I predict big things from “Avatar” the rest of the way. As for “The Smurfs”, I predict there will be a HUGE Oscar push for them in the 2011 race!

Most likely to win? Yeah…probably…


Alan: Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)
I gotta believe that Bridges is LONG due for an Oscar after 4 other nominations. I haven’t seen this film yet but I will. And if he doesn’t win…look for Firth to take it.

Frank: Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)
I agree with you on this one Alan, Bridges wins this Oscar, but Firth wouldn’t be my 2nd choice. Morgan Freeman would take home the hardware in that scenerio for his role in “Invictus”.

(Editor’s question: Do we get a half point if Bridges loses to one of our OTHER choices? Ponder that, Frank…)

Supporting Actor

Frank: Matt Damon (Invictus)
This is a toss up between Matt Damon and Christopher Waltz. Christopher Waltz as a Nazi or Matt Damon as a South African rugby star aiding Nelson Mandela. The only sure way to make a correct decision here was to call James Cameron and ask him (because he is gonna sweep this Oscar). After several calls and emails, James Cameron and I conclude that Matt Damon‘s upper body development for this film couldn’t even be faked with Avatar’s new CGI techniques, so he clearly deserves the Oscar. Don’t forget to thank your steroids dealer Matt!

Alan: Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)
Hands down. I don’t even believe there is a question who rightfully deserves this one.  Waltz’s performance was so natural & likeably evil that no one even comes close. And I’m glad Frank took Damon. I’m SOOOO gonna win THIS one…

Most likely to win? Yeah…probably…


Alan: Gabourey Sidibe (Precious)
I’m going with the underdog on this one. I hear her performance is stunning and since I have yet to see ANY of the nominated in this category (who wants to sit through “Julie & Julia” or “The Last Station”?), I’m gonna go against Streep (and probably lose).

Frank: Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia)
And lose you will, brother! Meryl Streep is amazing as Julia Child in ‘Julie & Julia’, a romantic comedy following the two lives of the title characters. Although the Julia character was more of a supporting role, I think Streep’s performance overshadowed Amy Adams’ character throughout the entire film.

Supporting Actress

Frank: PenelopeCruz Maggie Gyllenhaal Mo”nique (Precious)
Third times a charm….Mo’Nique wins this because she was a scary, cold hearted bitch in ‘Precious’. I actually thought she was playing the lead role until I checked EW for a correct spelling of “Gyllenhaal”, then the struggle for my pick really began. My final prediction is that Mo’Nique wins but her lead actress Gabourey Sidibe loses (she didn’t deserve the nomination anyhow )
. Side note: Penelope Cruz is still the hottest!

Alan: Mo’Nique (Precious)
I’m gonna go safe with this choice. Even though I LOVED Anna Kendrick in “Up In The Air”, I think the fact that 2 actresses are nominated from the same film will hurt her chances. Plus I hear Mo’Nique’s performance is “off the charts” awesome…

Hottest of the two? Yeah…probably…


Alan: James Cameron (Avatar)
I think a lot of voters are gonna want to give this movie props and with the amount of time & effort put into this film, it’s hard not to pick Cameron as the best of the bunch. But with all the critics cheering for Katheryn Bigelow’s effort for “Hurt Locker”, this battle between the “ex’s” is gonna be fun to watch come Oscar night!

Frank: James Cameron (Avataaaaaaaaaaar!)
Cameron has been working on this since his puberty years. That kind of dedication deserves a statue. I wonder if they will paint his blue?

I think Avatar would have made MORE money if Penelope Cruz was in it…painted blue & naked. Just sayin’…

Documentary Feature

Frank:  “Food, Inc.”
Because I saw it! You would never guess that Tyson Foods runs the universe, but they do.

Alan: “The Cove”
Just because I haven’t seen ANY of these and quite frankly…this one had the prettiest poster…

Documentary Short

Alan: “The Last Truck”
It’s about the closing of a GM plant. It hits close to home. Aaaand that’s all I got.

Frank: “Rabbit A La Berlin”
Alan, it’s about rabbits in the Berlin wall! Cute & political!

Animated Feature

Frank: “Up”
Even though ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ was by far my favorite movie of the year, ‘Up’ was the only animated feature nominated for Best Picture. Which logically means ‘Up’ will win the Oscar for Animated Feature…..unless the Academy is full of shit and has no clue what they are doing. (Editor’s note: Which is quite possible)

Alan: “Up”
Personally I didn’t really care much for this movie and I hate it when my brother is right, but in this case…he’s right.

Foreign Language Film

Alan: “The Milk Of Sorrow”
Because it’s about milk. And sorrow. And both of those topics really hit home for me.

Frank: “Ajami”
AJ picked this one out….

It’s milk. And it’s full of sorrow.

Original Screenplay

Frank Layton: “The Hurt Locker”
The Hurt Locker or Inglourious Basterds? The addictive rush of war and death or a comedic take on Defiance? The Hurt Locker, because it’s the bomb……BADUM DUM!! Or because it really hits home in America today, the struggles our boys have when coming home after serving our country.

Alan: “Inglorious Basterds”
Who better than Tarantino to take the topic of war and Nazi’s and flip it around to make it entertaining in his own style?

Adapted Screenplay

Alan: “Up In The Air”
Seriously…the book kinda sucked. So for someone to take an IDEA and run with it and make it such a surprisingly engaging film? Well…there has to be Oscar magic in that, right?

Frank: “Precious”
I think this is a “make-up” Oscar, count on this being the ONLY Oscar for “Precious” – thats right, I’m calling it!


Frank: “Avatar, Avatar, Avatar.”
Jimmy invented NEW cameras and filming techniques for this movie. If that doesn’t win him another Oscar, nothing will.

Alan: “Avatar”
Once again, Frank is correct. James Cameron invented a new way to create a world unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And the technology that it took to make such a place was created straight from the imagination of Cameron and his new toys.

Art Direction

Alan: “Avatar”
Let the sweeps begin…

Frank : “Avatar”
I learned my damn lesson with Slumdog, if it’s nominated it will win.

Animated Short Film

Frank: “The Lady and the Reaper”
Watched this and French Roast and found TLATR much more entertaining. The plot is of an old lady waiting to join her dead husband in the afterlife, but the struggle for her life between the Grim Reaper and a showboat docter prolongs her reunion with her hubby. Antonio Banderas produced this, so I hope he gets on stage if it wins.

Alan: “A Matter Of Loaf & Death”
Just because it SOUNDS awesome!!!

I need a loaf of bread for my lady…NOW!

Live Action Short Film

Alan: “Instead Of Abracadabra”
Um….I dunno…I kind of like the Steve Miller Band song…

Frank: “Kavi”
AJ picked this one out as well!

Visual Effects

Frank: “Avatar”
This is one of those situations where everyone from Star Trek and District 9 start saying during every conversation, “Really, it’s an honor just to be nominated” because Avatar will win this easy. Do you think anyone voting just decided, “Ya know, that 3D world Jimmy Cameron made was OK, but did you see that laser fight at the beginning of Star Trek?”

Alan: “Avatar”
I can’t believe “Watchmen” wasn’t nominated for this particular award but whatever…Avatar wins hands down anyway.

Costume Design

Alan: Doesn’t really care but I’ll go with “Nine”
Because just about every woman in this film looked majorly HOT in the trailer. I’d never actually PAY to see this film, but whatever…

Frank: “The Young Victoria”
Alan, my 17th century rule applies here as well, really anything royal…

Film Editing

Frank: “Avatar”
…because it was nominated.

Alan: “The Hurt Locker”
Although I’m picking it to win “Best Picture”, there’s a good shot that it won’t and the Academy will want to hook Bigelow up with something for her spectacular effort!

Sound Mixing

Alan: “Avatar”
But a close 2nd goes to Transformers! All those robot sounds were wicked cool!

Frank: “Avatar”
Because alien planet trumps alien robot.

I heard that!

Sound Editing

Frank: “Avatar”
…because I want to win. C’MON JIMMY!!

Alan: “The Hurt Locker”
Just to mix it up. And whizzing bullets & bombs exploding NEVER gets old…

Original Score

Alan: “Up”
I dunno. I’m thinking an animated feature has a better shot. Dunno why…

Frank: “Avatar”
Because I need to win. Alan can’t pull this off two years in a row, it’s just not right!

Original Song

Frank: “The Weary Kind”  (Crazy Heart)
It’s a movie about a song that finally gets a singer his big break…IT’S GOTTA WIN THIS ONE!

Alan: “Almost There” (Princess & The Frog)
It’s a Disney flick! It’s Randy Newman! It’s animated! It’s GOTTA win! C’mon Frank!


Alan: “The Young Victoria”
I don’t know…and I don’t care. What a lame bunch for this category. Seriously? Star Trek? WTF?

Frank: “The Young Victoria”
The way the blush was applied here really made me sit up and wonder, “Are her cheeks really that red?” And for that, it receives an Oscar!

Check out that dude’s hair! OBVIOUSLY a Make-Up Oscar is in order!

So there you have it. Our choices for all of the major categories in this year’s Oscar race. Now last year, as we are so fond to remember, Alan BLEW OUT Frank by the score of 11 to 7 (with neither of us guessing the correct choices at 5). So if there is a history here, it’s that I am a much smarter movie watcher than he is. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s just watch and see who takes the Showdown this year…


3 thoughts on “Popcorn & A Soda Annual Oscar Showdown II (2009 Nominees)

  1. my picks

    Best Picture : Avatar

    Actor in a Leading Role : Jeremy Renner

    Actor in a Supporting Role : Christoph Waltz

    Actress in a Leading Role : Sandra Bullock

    Actress in a Supporting Role : Mo’Nique

    Animated Feature Film : Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Art Direction : Avatar

    Cinematography : Avatar

    Costume Design : The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    Directing : Avatar

    Documentary Feature : Food, Inc.

    Documentary Short : China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province

    Film Editing : Avatar

    Foreign Language Film : The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band)

    Makeup : Star Trek

    Music (Original Score) : Sherlock Holmes

    Music (Original Song) : “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)”

    Short Film (Animated) : A Matter of Loaf and Death

    Short Film (Live Action) : Miracle Fish

    Sound Editing : Avatar

    Sound Mixing : Avatar

    Visual Effects : Avatar

    Writing (Adapted Screenplay) : An Education

    Writing (Original Screenplay) : Inglourious Basterds

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