And The Winner Is…

So the Oscars happened last Sunday night and, as you can imagine, there were only a few surprises. After the changes that my brother & I agreed upon (we could pick ANY of the choices), there were quite a few cases where we agreed. Fortunately for me, it was the big 2 that won it for me. But Frank had me for a hot second. I jumped out with a 2-1 lead at first through 3 categories, but Frank caught up with a big win when “The Hurt Locker” won Best Original Screenplay. After that, we failed miserably at the short film categories with both of us going 0-3 but my wife managed to pick 2 of them. Go figure. Then Frank won a couple more for Best Original Song and Best Adapted Screenplay. At that point, the score was Frank 7, me 4 but from there it was all downhill for my brother as I got hot and rolled some big winners, the most unlikely one being “The Cove” for Best Documentary Feature. It was on from there as “Up” won Best Musical Score, “The Hurt Locker” won (surprisingly) for Best Sound Editing and then it  won again for “Best Film Editing”  (Frank picked “Avatar” in all 3 cases). At that point we were tied and it all came down to the big awards for the night.

We both picked Jeff Bridges for “Best Actor”, so that didn’t help either of us. Sandra Bullock won “Best Actress” which surprised both of us and neither of us picked her. So it came down to Best Director and Best Picture and I swept both, picking “The Hurt Locker” and director Kateryn Bigelow over “Avatar” and the mighty James Cameron. I win 11-9!

And so…for the 2nd year in a row I am a MUCH better movie viewer than my brother. I think it was fairly obvious that “Avatar” wasn’t gonna win Best Picture. It was a science fiction movie and Cameron already won an Oscar or two for that OTHER blockbuster he directed a few years ago. “The Hurt Locker” was exactly the kind of movie the Oscar voters pick for their favorite movie of the year. It was typical Hollywood Oscar choices down the line and, except for Bullock, nothing really shocked me. But I really enjoyed this year’s broadcast (Steve Martin & Alex Baldwin were hysterical! LOVED the “Paranormal Activity” skit!) and I was happy to read that this year’s show brought in a few million more viewers. So I guess having the 10 choices for Best Picture didn’t really hurt anybody.

Anyway, what it all boils down to is this…I won. And that’s all that matters!



One thought on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Good picking dude, congrats!

    I wanted Avatar to win a LOT more… so in my opinion, the Academy can STFU.

    I did, however, pick Sandra. Her performance was the pinnacle of her talent… unlike the story, which was old and stale. She carried the movie on her shoulders.

    My picks were at if you didn’t see them. I was correct on 8 of them and feel that at least 3 were stolen by THL.

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