Dead Set

If you’re a fan of zombie movies (like I am), then you will somehow figure out a way to check out this British television mini-series. Only 5 1-hour episodes long, this series reminds me very much of the “Dawn Of The Dead” remake with running zombies and mass confusion. And it is every bit as bloody and horrific as anything seen in a movie theatre here in the states! The premise is a clever one…what if, during the taping of a “Big Brother”-like series, the dead came to life and started making meals of the living? And the inhabitants of the show didn’t realize that they were the last people on earth? Interesting, no?

So that’s the setting. From there, as you can imagine, there are plenty of shocker moments and lots of violence. It’s all done very well and there is never a dull moment as the unknown cast (at least, they are unknown here in the states) fight for their lives. And the cast is perfect. I looked up a few of the actors and most of them don’t even have image shots on IMDB, so I imagine they aren’t well-known overseas either. But that doesn’t matter because they are all excellent in their roles, especially the lead character, Sophie (played by Jennifer Aries), who is tough and yet sad as the lead intern for the show. She is the one who leads the way as the battle for humanity is left to a group of sniveling stars & starlets who are trapped in a studio as all hell breaks loose.

It’s quite a contrast watching a British series compared to an American one. There is a lot of extreme gore, cussing and even a little nudity and it makes the entire situation very lifelike. This series is one that you HAVE to check out if you are up for a 5-hour scarefest!

Overall Rating: A


2 thoughts on “Dead Set

  1. Found it, watched it, wow.

    I love the premise, and felt it was pulled off very well here. I actually recognized one of the actors from a film called Severance. Andy Nyman who played jerk producer Patrick was in that film as a completely different type of character. That is one you should track down and check out.

    By the way you have the wrong person listed as the lead character. Sophie (played by Jennifer Aries) is the girl who is coming back to the studio with Pippa’s mother when the driver gets attacked in the first episode. Kelly (played by Jamie Winstone) is the character you are thinking of. And I agree with you that she was great, as were all the others in this cast.

    It was pretty awesome! I was in London when the 1st episode premiered. I watched it with Stephanie and we both liked it. My brother found it online. So…thanks to Frank for helping me finish what I started!

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