Sherlock Holmes

I have to admit…if I had a man crush on any dude it would be Robert Downey, Jr. The guy can act and he is definitely on top of his game in “Sherlock Holmes”, a movie that was a summer blockbuster that I had no intentions of paying $10 to see when it was released but now I’m glad I rented it because…well…because it’s actually a really good flick!

Nevermind that it’s not a TRUE adaptation of ANYTHING remotely close to the true fiction of Sherlock Holmes. Downey’s Holmes is a quirky, slight neurotic sleuth who has a mind for the little things and how they actually make the world go around. There is a lot going on in “Holmes”, however it is the bromance between Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson (Jude Law), that makes this a special kind of film. The repetoire between the two is classic and both seem to be having a great time even when the subject matter gets a little muddled and convoluted. Rachel McAdams pokes her beautiful face into the mix and you have entertainment for men & women alike!

I can’t even get into the plot of this movie…it involves a secret black magic clan that plans to take over London and then the world. It’s very complicated and a lot of “who did what” goes on but overall, I feel that Guy Ritchie was really onto something and I kind of hope there is a sequel to “Sherlock Holmes” because there is room for a sequel…and with Ritchie at the helm, it would be elementary to continue THIS saga.

Overall Rating: A-


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