Clash Of The Titans In 3D (But Not Really)

This picture IS in 3D. Can’t you tell?

I was in no rush to see this remake, particularly since it had received lukewarm reviews and I loved the original version. But to be perfectly honest…I haven’t seen the original in forever and so when the opportunity came up for me to see this film at the Zeigfeld, one of New York’s premier movie theaters, I couldn’t NOT see it! So off I went…and I’m basically gonna write a warning to Hollywood here…

If you start charging me an extra $5 to see a movie that is 3D…you better make sure that it’s WORTH seeing in 3D. Because from now on…if I see a movie in “3D” that basically has 2 scenes and credits that are in 3D and the rest isn’t? I’m gonna start asking for my money back. And I’m being serious. Because enough is enough. I realize Hollywood is all excited that they can make a few extra bucks with the comeback that 3D is enjoying right now…but now it seems like they are promoting films that aren’t really 3D as being 3D and I think that’s bullshit.

Ok…enough of my rant…

Now…about “Clash Of The Titans”: The Remake. Honestly…it’s  pretty good popcorn film. There’s not a lot of weight to it really. It’s about Perseus (played with a low growl by action “It” Man, Sam Worthington) and his journey to save the city of Argos and their beautiful princess. There are a lot of familiar scenes that have been remade from the original: the showdown with Medusa, the battle with giant scorpions, the weird witches with one eyeball. They all return. So does all the other Gods & Goddesses who are feeling slighted by humanity, so in their vanity, they allow Hades to have his way with the humans so that they will return to praying to them. Hades threatens to release the mighty Kraken if the princess isn’t sacrificed by the eclipse of the moon and it’s up to Perseus to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As you can imagine, there are lots of battle scenes, Worthington and the rest of the cast (which includes Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes as the god-brothers Zeus & Hades) are all fine for the kind of material they are working with here. It’s a little bit cheesy and some of the effects are average, but for the most part…I was entertained by this film and I would recommend it…although obviously in its 2D version. And at matinee prices.

Overall Rating: B-


2 thoughts on “Clash Of The Titans In 3D (But Not Really)

  1. Hi

    I read your site each time you bring out a new review and am usually quite on par with what you are saying. As such with this film, I was completely annoyed at paying extra for 3D that wasn’t really 3D. Such a robbery, but that is where our similarities on this film end.

    How could you give it a B-. It was SHIT. Complete and utter tripe. I enjoyed the pre-movie trailers/advertisements more, and I despise advertisements. So much so that I would rather record a tv show and then watch it just so I can fast forward through the ads.

    I urge you to take another look at this again (you seemed to enjoy it so why not), and give it it’s correct mark of F, or maybe Z.

    Hey Kevin! Thanks for reading! As for this particular movie, as I said in my review, I didn’t really have ANY expectations for it at all. The only reason I went to see it was because it happened to be the film that was showing at the Zeigfeld and I’ve been wanting to see a movie there for years. Maybe because I had such low expectations I found it to be somewhat entertaining? I dunno. A lot of times my reaction to a movie is based entirely on my mood at the time. I was so giddy to be at that theater that maybe it made the whole experience more bearable to me. Not sure on that one. But I will tell you this…much like “2012”, I’ve seen it and I can honestly say I don’t need to see it again. For that one time experience, I didn’t think it was that bad. But maybe my B- was a little lenient? lol

  2. Thanks for replying.

    Maybe a borderline C. I have to agree about 2012 also. That was one cliché after another and truly a let down in terms of what the movie could have been. There were some aspects of the movie that were good, but they shouldn’t have put so many ‘right at the last second’ moments in it.

    Any idea of what your next movie to review may be?

    I plan on seeing “The Losers” at some point but the next MUST SEE is definitely “Iron Man 2”. I can’t WAIT to see that one!

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