How To Train Your Dragon (In IMAX 3D)

“Hey kids! Wanna see my dragon?!?”

Sounding like a cheap porno, this thrill ride of a little film is exactly what 3D needed. With the post-Avatar letdown of “Alice In Wonderland” & “Clash Of The Titans” already wearing me thin on the 3D experience, “Dragon” made it fun again and shows what a truly unique experience 3D can be when done correctly.

The story is about a boy and his dog…er…I mean dragon. Hiccup is the son of the king of the Vikings, Stoic (voiced by Gerard Butler who is very much in “300” mode throughout this movie). Someday he wants to be a mighty Viking who slays the dragons who raid and destroy his village. This sounds like a noble idea except Hiccup is, as you can imagine, a runt of a boy compared to his mighty father and he soon becomes the laughing stock of his village. By fluke, he knocks the mighty Night Fury dragon out of the sky and manages to find it injured in a gully, unable to fly. From there this story takes a humanitarian twist as Hiccup attempts to stop the Vikings from slaying the dragons and manages to find out the true reason behind their raidings.

This is a film pretty much everyone will enjoy. There’s action like no other when the Night Fury takes to the sky! It’s like riding a roller coaster and the imagery is amazing (much like the flying sequences in “Avatar”). There is a little bit of a love story. There’s the conflict between father & son. There are comedic sidekicks. And, of course, there are the dragons, who have just as much personality as the Vikings who hunt them down.

In a spring filled with “Avatar” wannabees, “How To Train Your Dragon” is the real deal and is a movie the whole family will enjoy. And if you get the chance, I recommend the IMAX 3D experience. It’s not as good as the 3D of the James Cameron classic, but it’s pretty darn close. And THAT is worth the extra $5!

Overall Rating: A

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