Edge Of Darkness

Aaaaand THIS is about as much acting as you get in this flick…

So Mel Gibson is back…and he’s older, more weathered and pissed off. Well…wouldn’t YOU be if someone ran up to your house and shot your daughter with a shotgun? That is the premise behind this revenge thriller that has Gibson a LOT more subdued than he ever was in the “Lethal Weapon” series.

Gibson is Tom Craven, a Boston detective who is excited to see his daughter when she returns home after being away for awhile. Seems that work and having a boyfriend has kept her away, but once she gets home, it isn’t long before she is gunned down and Gibson is left putting the pieces back together to why someone wanted her dead.

Let’s just go on record and say that Gibson is an ass. I’ve read all the press and I’ve heard about the racists remarks and so on and so forth. This doesn’t make him a bad actor. As a matter of fact, I’d say on his behalf that he has made some classic films that date back to “Mad Max” that will be remembered as some of the greatest films ever put down on celluloid (Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Signs, etc). THIS is not one of those films.

I gotta be honest…Gibson looks kinda bored in this movie. I realize he’s playing Craven as kind of a “inward and solitary” man who doesn’t want to let anyone into his life. I get that. And I realize that there ARE millions of people who are like that and there are probably thousands of police officers who suffer from lack of personalityy disorders. But are they interesting enough to make a movie about?


And this film is a bore. Everything about it is grinding; the storyline is tedious and the eventual finale is predictable. I didn’t care for much in this film, but I won’t say it’s the worst Gibson movie I’ve ever seen. That honor goes to “What Women Want”…which was just AWFUL. This flick is just dull. And as a pseudo-action film in today’s action film clogged multiplex, this movie doesn’t make the grade.

Overall Rating: D


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